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Geronimo Lot #2778 sb $ 142
FAF Geronimo, C8- box,taped corners, C9 fig, 37/37 accs, all in nice shape, a few have a defect, but overall in fine shape, also comes with an instrux copy.
Jane West Lot #2780 sb $ 54
Best of the west, box C7+, corner damage, tape, fig C9, has the usual white hair for this era set, 22 accs, includes a HTF compact! Free US Shipping!
Jane West Lot #2781 sb $ 89
Early issue Vargas Box, C7, has tape on it, wear, post 1970 Fig C9, really clean, 36/36 accs, sealed vinyl, orig instrux, The box does not do justice to this figure with her sealed vinyl accessories! This is a great set for the contents alone!
General Custer Lot #2806 sb $ 35
1st issueC8 because of a stress crack on body, intact and displays great see pics, comes with 5 accs!
Captain Sammuel Cobar Lot #2807 sb $ 46
Figure is a C8 with a Cobra head, comes with 7 vintage cavalry accs! Nice set!
Jane West Lot #2827 th $ 188
Jane West W/ Box!, Best of the West Box, C8+-C9, fig is a C9, clean, comes with 36/36 minty SEALED vintage accessories, orig instrux! And Color guide! Great displaying Jane and a Best of they West series box for your collection!
General Custer Lot #2829 th $ 162
General Custer, Best of The West Box! Box is a C8, has some corner wear, fig is a C9+, comes with 22/22 accs! Accessories, flawed bandana, Nice Holster. Complete set of vintage accs with orig BOTW instrux and guide. A beauty of a Custer.
Fighting Eagle Lot #2847 sb $ 128
Johnny West Adventure C8-C8+ missing Earring, Contains a whopping 32/36 Lime Green and Brown accs! Few brown accs flawed, Cool set! Harder to find colors!
Sam Cobra Lot #2848 sb $ 55
C9! Nice tight intact Cobra Figue, Decent Holster, on figure but is flawed, some accs, 4 total, includes pistol and knife! Dynomite is there too. Free US Shipping as always!
Captain Maddox Lot #2850 sb $ 35
C8, comes with 5 accs, flawed bandana
General Custer Lot #2851 sb $ 35
C8, comes with 7 accs, some flawed
Sir Stuart The silver Knight Lot #2852 sb $ 24
Figure only C8-C8+
Jane West Lot #2860 sb $ 39
Revised version newer Barbie like head in a C8-C8+ condition, with 26/36 cream and brown accs! Ndonít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Jane west Lot #2861 sb $ 35
First version Ugly head in a C8 condition, with 17 cream and brown accs! Nice 1st issue lot, donít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Sam Cobra Lot #2871 th $ 125
Johnny West 50th Anniversary Sam Cobra set! Comes with box, Dark electric blue figure with Black hard accessories, 25/25 accs plus extra Axe heads never included with vintage sets! Set is numbered and has certificate of authenticity, made with original Marx Molds in Mexico.
Sheriff Goode Lot #2872 th $ 125
Sheriff Thomas Goode Plastimarx reissue set! Comes 25/25 black reissue hard accessories made with original Marx Molds in Mexico.
General Custer Lot #2883 th $ 149
General Custer W/ Fort Apache Fighters Box! C9+ Figure, complete! Box is a C8+, some wear, nice set 22/22 accs with flawed holster, orig instrux and free US shipping!
Dusty Slade Lot #2895 th $ 49
Loose Mexican issued Dusty Slade in Blue, also marketed as Lone Ranger, fully intact and is a C9 overall. Comes with 9 white accs, FREE US shipping!
Prince Valiant the Viking Custom Lot #2938 th $ 89
Prince Valiant Custom CXR Viking! Marxman Bros. cool head! The Prince comes with 22/22 accs, reissue body and accs, CXR head. This is one neat custom head for your collection. Even if you do not need a Viking, the head can be used on other figures. I doubt you will see more of this concept again.
Pedro the Spanish Scout Custom Lot #2943 th $ 89
Custom Pedro the Spanish Scout Custom comes with a African American molded flesh version of Jessie James / Zeb Zachary and is on a CXR tan cavalry body. Comes with 14 mixed CXR and Reissue Scout accs! See pics!

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