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Jane West Lot #2827 th $ 188
Jane West W/ Box!, Best of the West Box, C8+-C9, fig is a C9, clean, comes with 36/36 minty SEALED vintage accessories, orig instrux! And Color guide! Great displaying Jane and a Best of they West series box for your collection!
Fighting Eagle Lot #2847 sb $ 128
Johnny West Adventure C8-C8+ missing Earring, Contains a whopping 32/36 Lime Green and Brown accs! Few brown accs flawed, Cool set! Harder to find colors!
Captain Maddox Lot #2850 sb $ 35
C8, comes with 5 accs, flawed bandana
General Custer Lot #2851 sb $ 35
C8, comes with 7 accs, some flawed
Sir Stuart The silver Knight Lot #2852 sb $ 24
Figure only C8-C8+
Jane West Lot #2860 sb $ 39
Revised version newer Barbie like head in a C8-C8+ condition, with 26/36 cream and brown accs! Ndonít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Jane west Lot #2861 sb $ 35
First version Ugly head in a C8 condition, with 17 cream and brown accs! Nice 1st issue lot, donít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Sam Cobra Lot #2871 th $ 125
Johnny West 50th Anniversary Sam Cobra set! Comes with box, Dark electric blue figure with Black hard accessories, 25/25 accs plus extra Axe heads never included with vintage sets! Set is numbered and has certificate of authenticity, made with original Marx Molds in Mexico.
Sheriff Goode Lot #2872 th $ 125
Sheriff Thomas Goode Plastimarx reissue set! Comes 25/25 black reissue hard accessories made with original Marx Molds in Mexico.
General Custer Lot #2883 th $ 149
General Custer W/ Fort Apache Fighters Box! C9+ Figure, complete! Box is a C8+, some wear, nice set 22/22 accs with flawed holster, orig instrux and free US shipping!
Dusty Slade Lot #2895 th $ 49
Loose Mexican issued Dusty Slade in Blue, also marketed as Lone Ranger, fully intact and is a C9 overall. Comes with 9 white accs, FREE US shipping!
Pedro the Spanish Scout Custom Lot #2943 th $ 89
Custom Pedro the Spanish Scout Custom comes with a African American molded flesh version of Jessie James / Zeb Zachary and is on a CXR tan cavalry body. Comes with 14 mixed CXR and Reissue Scout accs! See pics!
Sheriff Garrett Lot #2954 th $ 156
Best of the West Sheriff Garrett, loose, C9, Less common Steel Blue Color! Comes with 25/26 accs, one flawed tassle, displays awsome! This is one great figure you will not want to pass up. Most accs mint, few show wear. Mint spurs, pistol etc. Even has a star! I orig instrux and guide
Johnny West Canadian MOD Verison! Lot #2959 th $ 146
Loose, Figure is a C8-C8+, figure has a nice head, this is the lighter green color figure. Comes with 24/24 brown and silver Plastimarx accessories, Mint chaps. The figure displays nice. See picture of this cool figure!
Marilyn West Custom Lot #2960 th $ 96
Custom Cowgirl Marilyn West figure, Has the Monroe likeness going, comes with 27 vintage Jane West accs, on a C9 vintage Jane West body. Great variation from the standard Jane West cowgirl Marx figure.
Cowboy Black Custom Lot #2964 th $ 142
Cowboy Black Custom figure! Simulating the RARE Spanish Cowboy Black set, this comes with a Plastimarx black body, stress split, with repainted VINTAGE Capt. Maddox head in the same manner as Cowboy Black! He has 24/24 reissue white and black Marx accessories! Chaps repaired, but everything intact on figure see how cool this is! This looks truly amazing, and will not disappoint you, The originals are impossible to find on the daily or yearly. see pics! Free US shipping.
Confederate Private Richardson Gray Cavalry Figure Custom Lot #2971 th $ 118
Private Richardson Confederate Gray CXR Cavalry custom figure set, CXR body and head, with 22/22 Mixed vintage and Plastimarx accessories, some flawed, the CXR head looks really cool. Nice set with a Gray CXR Cavalry Body !
General Gordon Custom (SOLD 1 more left ) Lot #2975 th $ 85
General Gordon Custom cavalry soldier, comes on a C8-C8+ vintage Custer body with 20 vintage Accs and 2 Plastimarx reissue accs! Looks cool see pics of this variation to add to your Fort Apache Fighters crew! Stock photo Can make 1 more
Kid Kolt Custom Lot #2981 th $ 85
Custom Kid Kolt figure, comes on a C8-C8+ vintage blue Sheriff Garrett body, vintage repainted head, has 14 mixed reissue Plastimarx and CXR accs, See pics of this cool custom!
Jolene West Custom Lot #2982 th $ 44
Jolene West, C8+ with a modified customized Josie West head, no pigtails, painted brunette, some paint wear, comes with 9 cream accs, see pics! Free US Shipping!

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