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Flame Lot #3172 fc $ 45
flame horse Palomino color , horse c7 broken tail , comes with full tack all vintage . Box us a c7 c7 + missing too flap As is. .  Price is for the tack, the horse and box is a bonus! I can Tak $5 off without the horse (the horse adds much more to shipping)
Thunderbolt Lot #3173 fc $ 45
thunderbolt horse palomino color. First issue horse with black hooves comes in a C6 box missing top flap horse is a C7 glued on tail melt marks and has some scratches comes with a full set of tack! Priced to move worth it for the tack! I can Tak $5 off without the horse (the horse adds much more to shipping)
Buffalo (SOLD) Lot #3174 fc $ 0
Johnny West Buffalo in the box the Buffalo, is it a nice strong C9 condition tail intact the box comes in a C7 plus condition has some staining and tape on it no major rips or tears. See Pics! The box is a Bonus!
Covered Wagon and Thunderbolt Set Lot #3189 fc $ 129
Covered Wagon with Box! Box is a C7+-C8 has some staining. Comes with Cover, wagon and horse, C8 overall. See Pics! Really nice starter wagon set! Broken Hitch missing whip. Orig instrux included.
Pinto Horse Custom Lot #3192 th $ 135
Custom Mint fresh Scout Pinto horse from Original Flame molds! This one comes with three pieces of Plastimax red tack. This is your chance to get a real cool white molded with brown painted markings Pinto Flame style horse custom for Geronimo, Chief Cherokee or the Fighting Eagle!
Thunderbolt Lot #3194 th $ 129
Thunderbolt, palomino version with 1st issue box! Box is C8+ or better, horse is a C8-C8+, comes with all pieces of brown tack, 15/15. Nice set for a collection!
Sorrel Unpainted Thunderbolt Wagon Ghost horse! (SOLD) Lot #3201 th $ 0
The following is an unpainted factory sample thunderbolt horse from 1973. The horse comes in very good condition no cracks and breaks roughly a C8+_C9 with only minor surface scratches and wear no major tack melts! The horse is unique in that it was intended for a covered wagon as it has slots for wheels that were never installed and the wheel slots show no signs of assembly. The sorrel horse the horse is also shiny plastic. I have seen very few of these horses unpainted in this condition. This is your chance to get an untouched sample probably never sold and packaged. The horse was purchased several years ago in West Virginia at a show I was told it was an employee sample from Glendale .
Jane West with Flame Boxed Combo! Lot #3231 th $ 168
The following is a Jane west combo with flame. The box is roughly a C8 has mild warpage and crushing missing a small portion of one flap. The set was made in 1971. The contents are really nice the Jane West is mint C9-C9+ near complete 35/36 accessories. She is only missing the lipstick. The horse has full tack note the horse does have some melt marks from the tack  being left on it in storage.  Otherwise it is really clean and not played with. Comes with original paperwork and insert. The  flame and Jane West  instructions are  there. Great set for upcoming holidays!
Johnny West Thunderbolt Combo (SOLD) Lot #3235 th $ 0
The following is a pretty rare 1966 edition  Marx Johnny West thunderbolt combo set. This set comes with a C7 plus box. box has a hole on the lower corner has some corner where and deterioration from storage. The figure is a C9 comes complete with 24 to 24 accessories all knobs are present on the chaps. No one tassel is missing but again all knobs are present. Comes complete with thunderbolt instructions and Johnny West instructions.
Chief Cherokee Lot #3236 th $ 178
Chief Cherokee 1st 1965 issue! The box is a C8-C8+, has unique font! The figure is a C9-C9+ . The box has no rip corners has some creasing. Comes with 36/36 mint accessories. Also includes original set of instructions. This is my favorite version of chief Cherokee body mold.
Storm Cloud Pinto (SOLD) Lot #3239 th $ 0
Storm Cloud pinto horse comes pretty clean very little melts very little wear I would give it a C9 condition. Comes with a full set of Indian tack and  has a nice Hackamore cinch and  blanket; very little melts on  this horse. If you're looking for a nice Pinto for your collection and don't want to pay the price for the box to get a meant one I would say this is probably as good as you're going to find that wasn't played with without coming in original packaging.  Nice horse FREE US shipping!
Flack Boxed Lot #3246 th $ 35
Free Shipping on this vintage Flack in C8 condition with nice reproduction box. The Flack has a few melts and tip of tail flawed but nice. See pic! This is the Candian Box to boot!
Trigger Roy Rogers Horse (SOLD) Lot #3249 th $ 0
Loose Trigger horse from the 7inc Marx series of figures. The horse is a C8+, and was made to go with Roy Rogers in the set. Comes with tack as shown! Few melts under gear. Bridle has a flaw in a buckle but displays nice. See pics of the actual item.
Comanche Lot #3268 lg $ 45
Fort Apache fighters Comanche Horse , c8-c9 box. The palomino horse is a C8 because of a glued leg otherwise it would be a C9 horse. Comes with 15/15 pieces of brown Calvary tack includes a McClellan saddle. Nice accessories and Box
Thunderbolt Lot #3270 lg $ 100
Thunderbolt palomino color, box c8-c8+ flap damage ,  horse comes in c8-c8+ condition as well, minor melts under saddle . Comes with 15/15 pieces of mint brown tack. Original instructions and botw guide included.Nice!
Thundercolt Lot #3271 lg $ 79
Thundercolt comes in a C9 to C9+ box excellent , The colt is also in a C9 to c9+ condition! Look no further this one could be a huge upgrade or could also be a really nice first colt for your collection
Buckboard (SOLD) Lot #3273 lg $ 0
Johnny West best of the west buckboard with horse. Comes loose with no box, the horse is in a C9-9+ condition. The wagon is in a C9-C9+ except or damaged trailer hitch. Comes with seat springs Harness tack and whip . Nice wagon!
Flame Lot #3274 lg $ 110
Marx Johnny west best of the west Flame horse in palomino color. The box is a C8-c8+ overall has some corner and flap damage, tearing on back with tape  . The horse is in a c8+-c9. Comes with 15/15 pieces of tack . Includes original instructions !
Pancho Lot #3275 lg $ 60
Sorrel Pancho pony with box ! Box is a c8 has some flap damage and creases, C8+ pony has a few melts and comes with 8/8 pieces of pony tack . 
Geronimo Lot #3276 lg $ 129
Fort Apache Fighters Geronimo with box. The box is a C8+, corner tear. figure is a C9 overall . Comes with 32/37 accessories ! About 6 of them have flaws. Original instructions !

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