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Sorrel Unpainted Thunderbolt Wagon Ghost horse! Lot #3201 th $ 125
The following is an unpainted factory sample thunderbolt horse from 1973. The horse comes in very good condition no cracks and breaks roughly a C8+_C9 with only minor surface scratches and wear no major tack melts! The horse is unique in that it was intended for a covered wagon as it has slots for wheels that were never installed and the wheel slots show no signs of assembly. The sorrel horse the horse is also shiny plastic. I have seen very few of these horses unpainted in this condition. This is your chance to get an untouched sample probably never sold and packaged. The horse was purchased several years ago in West Virginia at a show I was told it was an employee sample from Glendale .
Golden Anniversary Johnny West Lot #3226 th $ 95
Custom Boxed Johnny West! Submitted for your approval we would like to introduce Johnny West the "Golden Age" of Marx action figures. Currently we have a small quantity to Continue these boxed figure sets. This listing is for the Golden Age Johnny West set. The figure is the metallic gold with BLACK weapons accessories and black vinyl accessories. **Note the box shows silver and the picture shows silver hard accessories. These sets now have all black accessories. Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. Free Shipping included!
Silver Anniversary Sam Cobra Lot #3227 th $ 95
Custom Boxed Sam Cobra! Submitted for your approval we would like to introduce Sam Cobra the "Silver Age" of Marx action figures. Currently we have a small quantity to continue the sale of these boxed figure sets. This listing is for the Silver Age Sam Cobra set. The figure is the metallic silver with gray accessories. Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. Free Shipping included!
Roger Dawson Marshall Lot #3228 th $ 129
Roger Dawson Custom with Box! Many of you collect the small, hard plastic, Marx Warriors of the World (WOW) figures. Here is our first tribute to those great toys. A fully articulated, 12 inch Roger Dawson! The butterscotch light yellow/tan figure comes with sealed Teal blue soft and Red hard accessories. The star comes with normal post, picture shows an alternate way to use it with a glue tack, you will get stars unaltered and new sealed in bag. The box is made like the vintage style coffin box and this set also comes with a full color equipment manual with a call out of the vintage Roger Dawson figure. Keep in mind these boxes are also hand assembled by us however the box is printed in color, it is not a sticker or glued on print. These look nice adn are numbered adn signed!!!!!!!!!
Deluxe Sam Cobra Edition! Lot #3229 th $ 145
Custom Boxed Sam Cobra! . The following is a custom made boxed Sam Cobra set! All new produced Red Box Art matching vintage box design comes with vintage Sam Cobra with Mexican reissue mixed soft and hard black accessories. What makes these special is they include vinyl holster, hat, safe, and neck tie! This is how these shoudl have been produced in the 1970s, There are limited numbers of these in vinyl! See pics! Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. Free Shipping included!
Sealed Red Johnny West Accessores Lot #3230 th $ 26
Sealed bag of red reissue Cowboy accessories! These are excellent heavy material! These are made with Vintage Marx Molds. Perfect for your figures! (free shipping in the US when total combined order is $10)
Jane West with Flame Boxed Combo! Lot #3231 th $ 168
The following is a Jane west combo with flame. The box is roughly a C8 has mild warpage and crushing missing a small portion of one flap. The set was made in 1971. The contents are really nice the Jane West is mint C9-C9+ near complete 35/36 accessories. She is only missing the lipstick. The horse has full tack note the horse does have some melt marks from the tack  being left on it in storage.  Otherwise it is really clean and not played with. Comes with original paperwork and insert. The  flame and Jane West  instructions are  there. Great set for upcoming holidays!
Stony Smith Lot #3232 th $ 156
Stony Smith Comes with the box, C8. The figure is a C9-9+. Comes with 50/53 accessories and no decal sheet. Most accessories are in excellent shape. Here is your chance to get a nice Stony Smith with most accessories, missing a knife, and non-needed parchute release to name a few. See pics. Comes with partial set of instructions.
Sheriff Garrett Lot #3233 th $ 145
Johnny West adventure sheriff Garrett figure with no box. The figure is meant C9-9+that's really nice tight joints nice hair. Comes with 24 out of 26 blue and white accessories. Very hard to find accessories meant chaps. I'll Bluegrass freezer there with exception of two blue stars are missing. There is a Silverstar included. All other blue accessories that pistol the Derringer the knife the Spurs Branding irons etc all in excellent condition . 
General Custer (Rare Steel Blue) (PENDING) Lot #3234 th $ 295
Steel blue General Custer. The following is a rare mod Canadian steel blue General Custer figure. The figure is in C8+ -C9 condition. Accessories are nice , and it comes with a nice holster. 22/22 accessories and note that the neckerchief is flawed . Don't miss out on the chance to get a really nice steel blue hard to find Canadian General Custer figure.
Johnny West Thunderbolt Combo Lot #3235 th $ 189
The following is a pretty rare 1966 edition  Marx Johnny West thunderbolt combo set. This set comes with a C7 plus box. box has a hole on the lower corner has some corner where and deterioration from storage. The figure is a C9 comes complete with 24 to 24 accessories all knobs are present on the chaps. No one tassel is missing but again all knobs are present. Comes complete with thunderbolt instructions and Johnny West instructions.
Chief Cherokee Lot #3236 th $ 178
Chief Cherokee 1st 1965 issue! The box is a C8-C8+, has unique font! The figure is a C9-C9+ . The box has no rip corners has some creasing. Comes with 36/36 mint accessories. Also includes original set of instructions. This is my favorite version of chief Cherokee body mold.
Storm Cloud Pinto Lot #3239 th $ 89
Storm Cloud pinto horse comes pretty clean very little melts very little wear I would give it a C9 condition. Comes with a full set of Indian tack and  has a nice Hackamore cinch and  blanket; very little melts on  this horse. If you're looking for a nice Pinto for your collection and don't want to pay the price for the box to get a meant one I would say this is probably as good as you're going to find that wasn't played with without coming in original packaging.  Nice horse FREE US shipping!
Zeb Zachary Lot #3240 th $ 289
Zeb Zachary W/ BOX! Box is a C8, Has some fading and wear, Figure is a C9, nice hair. Comes complete!!!22/22 accessories! ! Flawed bandana otherwise nice cavalry accessories. set comes with instrux copy. Great gift right here from 1967!
Prototype Factory tagged sample Best of the West Sam Cobra Water Gun Lot #3241 th $ 185
The following is a factory sample of a best of the west water gun. I received from a former former employees son. The squirt gun comes mint on the card. It's funny it's a factory sample yet I still has the typo Sam Cober instead of Sam Cobra;) I I guess it even slip through the hands of people doing their quality assurance work. What's cool about this piece is it actually has a sample card many people like to get factory samples with the card. The card says 6966HK for Hong Kong and it says JWest water gun, it says packing 36 weight 19. 
Red Cavalry Gear Lot #3242 th $ 44
Full set of vinyl cavalry gear molded in red! Odd vaient color from Mexico! Nice!
Blue Cavalry Gear Lot #3243 th $ 48
Full set of vinyl cavalry gear molded in blue! Odd vaient color from Mexico! Nice!
Mike Hazard Trench Coat Lot #3245 th $ 45
Mint factory stock Mike Hazard Trench coat! Comes with belt, buckle, new old store stock! From our collection.
Flack Boxed Lot #3246 th $ 42
Free Shipping on this vintage Flack in C8 condition with nice reproduction box. The Flack has a few melts and tip of tail flawed but nice. See pic! This is the Candian Box to boot!
Johnny West Lot #3247 th $ 165
Boxed Johhnny West in MOD box! Box is a C8 overall,

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