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Comanche Lot #3067 th $ 125
Brown Comanche W/ Johnny West Adventure Box! C8 overall, has typical wear, flap, corner, tape repairs still looks nice. the horse is ok at C8+, Comes with full black cavalry tack, 15/15 pcs, The horse has loose joints with no major melts or marks at all clean!.
Comanche Lot #3068 th $ 119
Boxed Fort Apache Fighters Cream Comanche, C7+, comes with SEALED brown tack! Has some melt marks, joints pretty decent, see pics on how it pairs with a noce box to boot!
Flame Lot #3069 th $ 152
Flame W/ Box, Box is a C7+-C8-, missing top flap, horse is a C9, comes with full 15/15 pcs of sealed brown tack! A real beauty for your collection. Boxed Flames have been scarce lately. The first I have had for a few years in brown boxed. My favorite posed Marx horse.
Pancho Lot #3070 th $ 79
Sorrell color W/ Box! Box is a C7 ripped back taped and missing flap, Horse is a C8+, comes with full 8/8 Black Tack!
Valor the Silver Knight's horse (SOLD) Lot #3071 th $ 0
Valor the Silver Knight's horse W/ Box! Box is a C8, storage wear, Horse is a C9 and comes with full armour, nice tabs! Wonderful horse wheels intact!
Sam Cobra Lot #3072 th $ 149
Sam Cobra W/Box, box is a c7+ , MOD series red 1st issue box, has corner tears, tape, wear, vintage Fig C8 shoulder split, Comes with a full set of Plastimarx 25/25 Cobra Accs, Has orig instrux, looks great for a collection! See pics, nice!
Thunderbolt Lot #3073 th $ 136
Thunderbolt, brown version with 1st issue box! Box is C7-C8, top flap missing, see pics, horse is C9-C9+, comes with all pieces of brown tack, 15/15, Vintage factory sealed. Orig instrux included
Mighty Viking Horse! Lot #3074 th $ 143
The Mighty Viking Horse, Box is a C8, The horse is non-knodding first issue, C9+ Palomino wheeled horse perfect for Erik! Comes with sealed tack! A real beauty for the collection!
Thunderbolt Lot #3075 th $ 84
Thunderbolt, sorrel color with no wheels, no box, C9 minor play wear, 15/15 black reissue black western accessories. Looks great with full black tack! see pics!
Western Cavalry Duster coat! Lot #3078 th $ 20
Custom Duster Coat! Perfect for your Fort Apache Fighter or Best of the West Figure! See how cool this looks on a figure by checking out lot 3078 th.
Canadian Jamie West (Mod Colour!) Lot #3079 th $ 94
Canadian Jamie West (Mod Colour!), loose C8-C8+, legs a little loose, common on these, Comes with 5/12 HTF Salmon/coral PVC accessories. Set dresses up very nicely. Note this Jamie has the fringed style vest. Donít let this guy pass! Free US Shipping.
Canadian Jay West (Mod Colour!) Lot #3080 th $ 98
Canadian Jay West (Mod Colour!), loose C8-C8+, legs a little loose, common on these black molded figures, Comes with 6/12 HTF white/cream stiff PVC accessories. Set dresses up very nicely. Note this Jay has the fringed style vest. Donít let this guy pass! Free US Shipping.
Johnny West Lot #3081 th $ 115
Johnny West 50th Anniversary set! Comes with box, Gray figure with white vinyl accessories. Includes Silver hard accessories and extra Cavalry bandana and gloves. Set is numbered and has certificate of authenticity, made with original Marx Molds in Mexico. This is a new color never produced before white vinyl added instead of teal.
James West pewter colored accessories! Lot #3082 th $ 131
Very cool black molded vintage body and a custom painted Vintage head to create the perfect James West! Comes with 29 accessories! Thatís right has 4 extra Axe heads for the pool cues that Marx originally left out of vintage sets! These are really cool, a must have for the true collector. All accessories are in PEWTER colored and reissued from Plastimarx in Mexico! (Check availability, this is a stock photo)
Snipes African American Renegade Custom! Lot #3083 th $ 125
Custom figure! "Snipes" the African American renegade outlaw! Comes molded in Pewter gray color with 25 Black accessories. Plastimarx reissue set, looks great with CXR head and hands!
Sheriff Garrett Lot #3087 th $ 165
Sheriff Garrett W/ Box! Best of the West Box! Box is a C8-C8+ has some shelf wear, taped corner, cover pic OK, Fig is a C9-C9+! Steel blue version!, Comes with 23/26 accs, One star present, Chaps are excellent, see pic. Great set for your collection!

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