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Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Module 3 Second Edition Lot #3190 th $ 35
This is the 2nd revised edition of our third Illustration guide to Marx Figures. Module No. 3 "The Canadian Differences!" 48 Pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the MOD Canadian Series and the differences from US sets. Includes a close look at colors, box art, and story around the great white north with Marx figures on center stage. If you like the Encyclopedia, and Module #1, and Module #2, Module#4, you will love this module! All Copies signed! Cover is laminated to insure longevity! Check out the pictures! For a limited time, a REVISED MOD Canada 11/17 Poster with figures and the added Candian Flag will be included! Should be shipping soon!
Johnny West MOD colours 11x17 Canadian Color Best of The West Poster!! Second Edition! Lot #3191 th $ 10
Our 2010 poster, 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West Canadian MOD Colours Poster! If you want a poster of your favorite Canadian Marx figures this is for you!
Pinto Horse Custom Lot #3192 th $ 135
Custom Mint fresh Scout Pinto horse from Original Thundernbolt molds! This one comes with three pieces of Plastimax red tack. This is your chance to get a real cool white molded with brown painted markings Pinto horse custom for Geronimo, Chief Cherokee or the Fighting Eagle!
Bravo the Gold Knights horse Lot #3193 th $ 88
Loose, Bravo comes in a nice C8+-C9, comes with full 15/15 pcs of armor, one tab flawed. Great vintage horse with full set of armor!
Thunderbolt Lot #3194 th $ 129
Thunderbolt, palomino version with 1st issue box! Box is C8+ or better, horse is a C8-C8+, comes with all pieces of brown tack, 15/15. Nice set for a collection!
Geronimo in a RARE Litho colored mailer Lot #3195 th $ 169
The following is a multicolored lithograph boxed Geronimo set with 37/37 accessories, The two groups are factory sealed accessories! The bandana of course is also present and the instructions. The box is a C8 very hard to find, and the Geronimo is a C9+!
Jane West in a RARE Litho colored mailer Lot #3196 th $ 148
The following is a multicolored lithographed Jane west mailer set. Jane comes with sealed vinyl accessories with original instructions! Here is a real chance to get a C9+ mint figure with sealed accessories and a super rare two colored mailer box in C8+ overall.
Cowboy Black Spanish Custom! Lot #3198 th $ 129
Custom Cowboy Black figure with painted beard that simulates the Spanish cowboy black. Comes with a full set of reissue accessories. The body is a black reissue boday as well and has a vintage custom painted head! The set includes a great set of flat black accessories in heavy vinyl very similar to vintage. Also includes a cool set of flat gray set of weapons. 26 /26 cowboy accs, Note one of the tassels on the chaps is flawed but the knob is intact. free Shipping.
Jed Gibson Custom Lot #3199 th $ 118
Jed Gibson custom figure. The figure comes with CXR head and hands and a vintage steel blue Captain Maddox body. Comes with 13 accessories as shown all mixed reissue and CXR. Please see pictures of how beautiful this custom Jed Gibson figure looks.Perfect to fill that void for a Jed that looks vintage
Rocky Mountain Gear Chest! Lot #3200 th $ 139
The following is a Montogomery Wards exclusive 1970s issued rocky mountain gear chest! Have not had one this complete for over a decade! Comes with a huge assortment of accessories and the original instructions to boot most accessories are mint few have flaws. All items included shown on the instruction sheet plus others from the accessory groupings. This is one pretty rare set don't let it pass. The cavalry gear is black, the cowboy gear is brown. The Boone/buck frontier clothing is brown. Orig instux included. Box hinge intact and both handles!
Sorrel Unpainted Thunderbolt Wagon Ghost horse! Lot #3201 th $ 125
The following is an unpainted factory sample thunderbolt horse from 1973. The horse comes in very good condition no cracks and breaks roughly a C8+_C9 with only minor surface scratches and wear no major tack melts! The horse is unique in that it was intended for a covered wagon as it has slots for wheels that were never installed and the wheel slots show no signs of assembly. The sorrel horse the horse is also shiny plastic. I have seen very few of these horses unpainted in this condition. This is your chance to get an untouched sample probably never sold and packaged. The horse was purchased several years ago in West Virginia at a show I was told it was an employee sample from Glendale .
Johnny West with cool butterscotch accessories! Lot #3202 th $ 135
Johnny West reissue in a Plastimarx brown body with a full set beautiful heavy vinyl butterscotch accessories. Also comes with brown hard polyethylene accessories. Contains 26/26 reissue accessories, This is a really cool set for your collection. There is a stress split on an arm which some of these get but it does not detract from how cool it displays.
Jimmy West Custom Lot #3203 th $ 139
Jimmy West Custom figure! Jimmy comes with a reissue Mexi Body with a vintage repained Zeb Zacahary head! Has really nice heavy vinyl red accessories, with vintage feel to them! They are wekll done varients of heavier vinyl. Also includes a full set of gray polyethylene accessories. 26/26 accessories. This is one wonderful set for your collection as a vintage repainted and restored Zeb Zachary head to finish it off you will not be dissapointed , see pictures adn ask questions!
Marshall Dean Lawman Custom Lot #3204 th $ 119
The following is a really nice custom Marshall Dean figure. Comes with 26/26 lawman accessories. White rubber vinyl and gray polyethylene look sweet together. This is a great custom for your collection comes with plastimarx reissue body and head.
Custom Red Ryder Cowboy Lot #3206 th $ 129
The following is a nice costume Red Ryder figure! The JW comes on a reissue brown body with 26/26 accessories. Includes a really nice set of red heavy vinyl accessories (some reissue accessores are more rubber in feel) and a full set of brown polyethylene accessories.
Johnny West (SOLD) Lot #3207 th $ 0
Johnny West MOD Cactus box is a C8+, and the figure is a C9-C9+! Comes with 24/24 vintage accessories Note chaps have a flawed tassel. Also includes original instructions. This is one of my favorite vintage JW boxes!
Valiant Sir Cedric the Black Knights Horse Custom Lot #3208 th $ 120
Here is a cool custom Valiant horse for Sir Cedric the black knight. Horse comes with a full set of reissue black armor; horse was custom painted gray with black eyes similar to the original united kingdom version. See pictures of how awesome this custom looks. Perfect for your reissue black night or your vintage black knight.
Geronimo Lot #3209 th $ 157
w/ box! FAF Box is a c8, nice clean cover for display. Fig is a c9+, Comes with 37/37 minty accs, original instrux included but a little worn. Great set for your display.
Custom George Custer Lot #3210 th $ 73
Lot number 3210 the following is a nice custom order Custer figure has gray painted here. Comes with 17 mixed accessories as shown most reassuring CXR fewer vintage. See pictures of how cool this custom figure works free US shipping don't forget.
Sundown Kid Custom 1/6 scale !! Lot #3211 th $ 135
The following is a Custom Sundown Kid! The Sundown Kid comes with accessories shown mixed custom CXR and re-issue accessories. Comes with a total of nine accessories as shown. This is a real cool head sculpt I have had in my collection for many years made by Noah Coop. I like it because of the thick hair and hemakes a perfect sundown kid or Sundance kid outlaw cowboy figure.

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