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Geronimo Lot #3209 th $ 157
w/ box! FAF Box is a c8, nice clean cover for display. Fig is a c9+, Comes with 37/37 minty accs, original instrux included but a little worn. Great set for your display.
Custom George Custer Lot #3210 th $ 73
Lot number 3210 the following is a nice custom order Custer figure has gray painted here. Comes with 17 mixed accessories as shown most reassuring CXR fewer vintage. See pictures of how cool this custom figure works free US shipping don't forget.
Sundown Kid Custom 1/6 scale !! Lot #3211 th $ 135
The following is a Custom Sundown Kid! The Sundown Kid comes with accessories shown mixed custom CXR and re-issue accessories. Comes with a total of nine accessories as shown. This is a real cool head sculpt I have had in my collection for many years made by Noah Coop. I like it because of the thick hair and hemakes a perfect sundown kid or Sundance kid outlaw cowboy figure.
Indian Brave / Wester Trotting horse Lot #3213 th $ 43
Trotting Indian Horse only. C8+-C9 pretty clean horse minor to no melt marks. This is made for smaller scale 6-7 " figures. This will work for the Johnny Colt, Dusty Slade or Chief Red Cloud figures
Geronimo (SOLD) Lot #3214 th $ 0
W/ Box, Box is a C8-C8+, some wear, etc., fig is a C9+, comes with 37/37 SEALED accessories!, orig instrux and BOTW guifde included. Great Mint Geronimo set for the collection.
Marx Playset Book (SOLD) Lot #3215 th $ 0
Marx Playset Book! The following is Marx out of print western playsets book over 190 pages, by Jay Horowitz. This book covers some Marx action figures from retail catalogs and some other minor photo shots of them. Other nuggets of Marx action figure information includes pictures of some of the figures along with retail catalog pictures of the Johnny West adventure series and the Ready gang series. I have one of these books in my collection of books just because it does cover these prototype Johnny West Small Scale Playsets that we have had recent interested as collectors. This is a hard cover book in very good shape signed by the author.
Kenner Six Million Dollar Man MIB Lot #3216 th $ 225
The following is a really nice 1975 issued Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin By Kenner! The figure looks unused! Original Motor, paperwork is in the box, the arm rubber bionics cover is on arm and never removed! Bionics underneath. The cello is on the box! This is a cool Retro Generation X toy! You will not want to pass on it. THis is harder to find that the Bionic hand version I see all the time at shows. This is the version I had and was far harder to find unused with packaging!
SSP Classy Crasher Smash Up Derby Car Lot #3217 th $ 75
The following is a HTF Classy Crasher Orange Rolls Royce! Comes with pull rip cord and car with all wheels and fly off parts! Bumper has missing piece. See pics of what you get! Perfect to finish the set off with HTF parts!
Jay West Lot #3218 th $ 83
Jay West W/ Box, box is a C8, some wear and stains, figure is a C9. comes with 12/12 accs, nice figure, chaps have a few flaws but on figure and orig instrux and HTF 1st issue BOTW guide!
Jamie West Lot #3219 th $ 79
Jamie West W/ Box, box is a C8, some wear and stains, figure is a C9+. comes with 11/12 accs, nice figure, chaps have a few flaws but on figure and orig instrux.
Janice West (SOLD) Lot #3220 th $ 73
W/ Box! Box is a C8, fig is a C9, comes with 13/13 minty accessories, many still on the trees! Very pristeen accessories see pics! orig instrux included.
Josie West Lot #3221 th $ 53
Loose no box, fig is a C9-C9+, comes with 13/13 minty accessories, Very nice and complete set of accessories see pics! orig instrux included.
Daniel Boone Lot #3222 th $ 71
Daniel Boone The Wilderness Scout, Loose vintage figure, C8+, repaired arm eylets (common on the vintage figures) inquire, comes with 10 vintage accessories! See pics of this cool figure and all vintage original Marx!
Snipes African American Renegade Custom! Lot #3223 th $ 119
Custom figure! "Snipes" the African American renegade outlaw! Comes molded in Black color with 24 gray and JWA style light blue accessories. Plastimarx reissue set, looks great with CXR head and hands! This is a sweet looking outlaw for the collection in Black and Blue!
Zeb Zachary (SOLD) Lot #3224 th $ 0
Zeb Zachary loose without box, Fig is a C9, minor wear, very nice hair. Comes complete with 22/22 accessories. All accs nice except for flawed bandana. Hair is really nice on this figure and body looks hardly played with. See pictures, this was one of my favorite Marx Sculpts! Holster is intact on figure with sword hooks!
Brown Wheeled Surrey Wagon Horse (SOLD) Lot #3225 th $ 0
Loose hard to find brown Thunderbolt horse with wheels! These were sold with Surrey Wagons or Jamie Buckboard sets and are pretty hard to find. This is the second issue version. See pics! Perfect for the Jamie West buckboard or Surrey wagon combo. Can be used for other sets including the Knights and Vikings or western themed.

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