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Josie West (JWA) Lot #3259 th $ 119
Johnny West Adventure Josie West C9-C9+ in JWA green! Nice figure. Comes in a C6-C7 box with missing top flap adn wear see pics! Set comes with HTF mixed salmon red and white JWA accessories, 11/13 accessories included. Even includes the very hard to find compact and watch! These were made in 1975.
Janice West (JWA) (SOLD) Lot #3260 th $ 0
Johnny West Adventure Janice West C9-C9+ in JWA red! Nice figure. Comes in a C7+-C8 box with wear see pics! Set comes with HTF mixed yellow and white JWA accessories, 12/13 accessories included. Even includes the very hard to find compact and watch! These were made in 1975.
Custom General Kirk Odinson CXR boxed set (SOLD) Lot #3261 th $ 0
General Kirk Odinson, Reissue Custer body. This is a neat piece of CXR Marxman History! The set comes with a CXR Fort Apache Figters box with graphics! The figure is a Reissue mexican issue. Comes with 22/22 reissue accessories. See pics of this cool set! A part of History of days gone by. Note the set was updated to have cavalry accessories instead of the western such asthe hat shown. no instructions.
General Custer (JWA) (SOLD) Lot #3262 th $ 0
W/ Box! Rare Johnny West adventure series General Custer, Box is in fair shape, c7-C8, wear, see pic, still intact. The Custer figure is MINT as well, C9-C9+The best part of this set is the accs! The accessories 22/22 complete but with a flawed spur and bandana. Comes with an instrux copy. Nice complete set to add or complete a set or to get a first sample for the collection.
Josie West White Vest Lot #3263 th $ 9
Rare Johnny West Adventue General Josie or Janice West white vest! Sold in the last issue figures issued in 1975. This one is mint and ready to complete your vintage set. Free shipping in the US
CXR Double Barrel Shotgun! (Brown) Lot #3264 th $ 11
CXR 1/6 scale double barrell shotgun! Perfect fo your customization of sets! This was never part of Marx produced sets but sure is needed for your outlaws ! Here is the chance to get it now. This one is in brown.
Johnny West Lot #3266 th $ 225
Boxed Johhnny West in MOD box! Box is a C8+, Figure is a C9 overall. Comes with 24/24 sealed accessories and original instrux. Look no further for a Christmas Johnny for the tree with unopened vintage accessories!
Tepee (SOLD) Lot #3267 lg $ 0
Fort ApacheFighters / Johnny West Best of the West Indian Tepee, box is C8+_c9- . The Tepee itself is about a C9 overall has a few missing tabs on base but still holds together fine. Comes with all six dowels nice string in tact , with vinyl tepee, rubber band . Set also has original instructions and best of the west guide!
Comanche Lot #3268 lg $ 45
Fort Apache fighters Comanche Horse , c8-c9 box. The palomino horse is a C8 because of a glued leg otherwise it would be a C9 horse. Comes with 15/15 pieces of brown Calvary tack includes a McClellan saddle. Nice accessories and Box
Ranch (SOLD) Lot #3269 lg $ 0
Johnny West Best of the West Ranch. Comes in a C6 - C7 condition many pieces are torn and separated. Does have the chairs the cook stove in the bunkbed in decent shape. Tables need to have reinforcement added they are weak and flimsy. Include the original paper Matt which is very hard to fine also include the original instruction sheet. Also included with this set is most of the fencing pieces one piece is separated. All in all good for parts nothing meant here well played with nonetheless great pieces to add to an existing set or a nice project to try to restore.
Thunderbolt Lot #3270 lg $ 100
Thunderbolt palomino color, box c8-c8+ flap damage ,  horse comes in c8-c8+ condition as well, minor melts under saddle . Comes with 15/15 pieces of mint brown tack. Original instructions and botw guide included.Nice!
Thundercolt Lot #3271 lg $ 79
Thundercolt comes in a C9 to C9+ box excellent , The colt is also in a C9 to c9+ condition! Look no further this one could be a huge upgrade or could also be a really nice first colt for your collection
Jane West Lot #3272 lg $ 120
Jane west with  the box , First issue ugly head version! box is in a C9 to C9+ condition the figure is also in a C9-C 9+ condition.  comes with 36/36 hard to find mustard colored accessories. Note one accessory is light cream. Comes with the original instructions and best of the west guide! See pics!! HTF Com, liptick, and compact in mustard cream!
Buckboard (SOLD) Lot #3273 lg $ 0
Johnny West best of the west buckboard with horse. Comes loose with no box, the horse is in a C9-9+ condition. The wagon is in a C9-C9+ except or damaged trailer hitch. Comes with seat springs Harness tack and whip . Nice wagon!
Flame Lot #3274 lg $ 110
Marx Johnny west best of the west Flame horse in palomino color. The box is a C8-c8+ overall has some corner and flap damage, tearing on back with tape  . The horse is in a c8+-c9. Comes with 15/15 pieces of tack . Includes original instructions !
Pancho Lot #3275 lg $ 60
Sorrel Pancho pony with box ! Box is a c8 has some flap damage and creases, C8+ pony has a few melts and comes with 8/8 pieces of pony tack . 
Geronimo Lot #3276 lg $ 129
Fort Apache Fighters Geronimo with box. The box is a C8+, corner tear. figure is a C9 overall . Comes with 32/37 accessories ! About 6 of them have flaws. Original instructions !
josie Lot #3277 lg $ 29
Josie West loose no box, 12/13 accs.
Christmas Johnny West Lot #3279 lg $ 125
(Back Order) Custom Christmas Johnny West holiday figure! A special custom figure for the holiday season. This is a tribute to the toy many of us received for Christmas, that being Johnny West We have a few of these boxed figure sets left. The figure comes in red "Koehler Kustom" body. The accessories are made of heavy red vinyl material like vintage Marx and of course standard polyethylene red material for the weapons pack. What makes it special we are using vintage Johnny heads from the days gone past and focusing on unrestored heads produced in the mid 60s. The thought was why not give these heads produced 50 years ago new life for the holiday season. Box has a holiday tree backdrop showing toy ornaments of other 60s toys and nostalgia glass ornaments .Signed and numbered. A creation by the Vintage Toy Room.. Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. Look no further if you are looking to have a a different color variation for your collection made with original Marx molds.
Mike Hazard Lot #3280 th $ 376
Mike Hazard with Box! The Box is a C8+-C9, really nice with a C9 -C9+ figure! The accessories are top notch! 61/62 accessories only missing the lighter! See pictures of this master in disguize! Comes with the orig exploding bags and instruction sheet!

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