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The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru The Fort Apache Fighters Series 11x17 Poster!! Lot #3089 th $ 10
Module # 4 Heroes of the wes Best of the West Fortapache Fighters Poster! 1964-1967! This poster is on heavy cover stock! Perfect for mounting!
Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Module 4 The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru Fort Apache Fighters Series! Lot #3090 th $ 49
This is our fourth Illustration guide to Marx Figures. Module No. 4 "The Beginning Heroes of the West Thru the Fort Apache Fighters Series". Over 97 pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the early issued U.S. Marx figures! This module far exceeds what the Encyclopedia delivered adding prototypes, test shots, retail catalogs, Sears combos, and so much more! A close look at vintage box art, and story around the great toy company launching the western and Fort Apache 1/6 scale figures. If you like the Encyclopedia, and Module #1, Module #2 and Module #3, you will love this new module! All Copies Numbered and signed up to the first 100! Cover is laminated to insure longevity! Check out the pictures! For a limited time, a 1964-1967 Western and FAF 1/17 Poster of figures will be included!
Set of mint green Monster figures! Marx 6 inch figures! Lot #3091 th $ 49
Marx 6" set of monsters Plastimarx; this full set in mint green color . Here is a chance to get a set of re-issue monster figures at a fraction of the price of mint vintage! Free US Shipping
Set of blue Monster figures! Marx 6 inch figures! Lot #3092 th $ 49
Marx 6" set of monsters Plastimarx; this full set in powder blue color . Here is a chance to get a mint set of re-issue monster figures at a fraction of the price of mint reissue figures! Free US Shipping
Lone Ranger Series Danny Reid! Lot #3093 th $ 139
Danny Reid Lone Ranger Series figure, comes in a MINT box C9 plus box, C9+ figure comes with original bag with dead mint accessories. See what comes with this amazing set you will not be disappointed in exquisite condition.Free US shipping!
Lone Ranger Series Little Bear! Lot #3094 th $ 139
Little Bear Lone Ranger series figure, comes Mint in box, C9, excellent condition! Figure is a C9-C9+! see pictures of how neat this figure looks great detailing an excellent accessories all in very good condition like new.
Chief Red Cloud Lot #3095 th $ 125
Chief Red Cloud figure, w/ box, Mexican import comes complete in the box as shown with accessories original plasti-Marx packaging nice color similar to original tan, little darker, see pictures of this nice figure perfect for your collection.Unplayed with C9 Plasimarx figure, nice early 90s box but opened cello.
Bravo the Gold Knights horse and Valor the Silver Knight Horse armor! Lot #3096 th $ 39
Bravo the Gold Knights horse and Valor the Silver Knight Horse armor! Huge bag a lot of mixed gold and silver knight horse accessories for bravo and valor horses as is lot. Most pieces have a flawed tab; great for customizing or to help complete your armor for the Noble Knights stallion. Weighs over 2 pounds, this is one massive lot of horse armor for your bin to sort!
Jay West Lot #3098 th $ 79
Best of the west Jay West! Comes with a C7 + box and a C8-8+ figure with 11/12 fudge brown accessories. Copy of instructions, few flawed tassels on chaps and the box has rough corners. See Pics!
Jamie West Lot #3102 th $ 65
Jamie West loose, no box, C8+ , comes with 11/12 accessories, all nice except chaps is missing a few tassels but all knobs on chaps intact, copy of instructions.
Jay West Lot #3103 th $ 65
Jay West loose comes with 11/12 accessories, figure is C8 +-C9, has a little paint where on rivets are, comes with mint chaps!
Valor the Sir Stuart the Silver Knigts Horse Lot #3105 th $ 139
Valor Sir Stuart the Silver Knigts Horse, comes in a C8+ box with complete set of horse armor! The horse and armor is excellent with no broken tabs, horse is in C9-C9+ condition! See Pics!
Bravo Sir Gordon the Gold Knights Horse! Lot #3106 th $ 88
Bravo Sir Gordon the Gold Knights Horse! loose complete comes with the complete set of he gold horse armor, horse is in C9-9+ condition excellent horse for your collection!
Flack Lot #3108 th $ 32
Flack loose, C7-C7+ condition has a chip tail and some melt marks priced to move. Great Setter for your Best of The West Collection! Give him his new home on your shelf.
Pancho Pony Lot #3110 th $ 32
Cream Color C7+, comes with three pieces of tack including saddle in stirrups; has discoloration and player from age.OK for display!
Odin the Viking Lot #3111 th $ 159
VINTAGE Odin the Viking, with box, C8-C8+, Figure is a C8+-C9-, nice, comes with 22/22 Viking accessories, flawed bow, displays excellent; joints tight. See pics! Also comes with original instructions and please note that the sword sling is brown instead of cream.
Scout Lone Ranger Series Tonto's Horse Lot #3112 th $ 52
Scout, Lone Ranger Series horse for Tonto, loose C8-C8+, comes with most tack, missing the reins see pic! Nice condition for your display.Free US Shipping!
Silver the Lone Rangers Horse! Lot #3113 th $ 59
The Lone Ranger's series Silver horse comes in C9; full tack as shown, clean silver for your collection see pictures of what you get! Minor fading from the age due to glue, all of these horses seem to have this is a pretty nice example of the silver horse.
Thundercolt Lot #3114 th $ 29
Thundercolt horse, palomino color, C8 C8+, minor wear from age could use a little cleaning. nice for us for display ! The tail is intact!
Pancho Pony Lot #3115 th $ 72
W/ Box! Box is a C7-C7+ missing one end flap, the Pony is cream/palomino color comes with a full set of Pancho pony tack 8/8 pcs. See pictures of what you get not a bad poncho to start your collection.

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