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Savage the Indian Figter, Custom Lot #3030 tr $ 88
Custom created Indian head repainted and outfitted on a vintage Fighting Eagle body. Comes with accessories as shown all hand painted for effect.
Bill Buck Custom Boxed! Lot #3031 tr $ 96
The Bill Buck is a custom CXR Cavalry scout figure. Bill comes molded in blue(vintage body) The figure comes with 13 accessories as shown, mixed in silver, cream, brown, black CXR, Plastimarx, FOJ, etc. Has a KC created Johnny West Adventer Box! See pics, very well done concept . Look at the pics to see these new item! Great replacement for HTF or lost sets.
James West Custom Boxed!!!! Lot #3032 tr $ 125
Custom James West! Comes with a KC created custom box along wiutha vintage James west custom figure, few have flaws, Hat was added to the set to make it a great display piece!
Safari Adventure Elapahnt Lot #3033 tr $ 129
Vintage old Store Stock Safari Adventure Elephant Sealed! MIB box never opened! # 2151MO, 1975 issued and pretty hard to find MIB.
Stony Smith Jeep Lot #3034 th $ 95
Loose, C8+-C9, Rare BIG mud tire terrain variation! I have only had a few of these, used bigger mountain masher off road wheels, cee pics! Very clan fe defects with windchield glass, and the hood hinges. Nice jeep for your display! FREE US SHIPPING!
Sheriff Goode Lot #3035 th $ 149
Vintage Canadian Sheriff Goode! Figures are pretty scarce, this one is a C8+ , somes with 14 vintage accs a few flawed, has soe hair wear otherwise displays great, vintage to boot!
Chief Cherokee MOD Green! (SOLD) Lot #3036 th $ 0
MOD Green Canadian Chief Cherokee, C8 figure has a chairline crack on the bas as many seem to have, otherwise very nice with 17 brown accessories to dress him up for display or adventures! See Pics!
Bravo the Gold Knight's Horse Lot #3037 th $ 142
Bravo W/ box, box is c9, has corner wear, some tears, Horse is a C9-C9+, comes with 15/15 pcs of mint armour, all tabs intact!! A Perfect Vintage Bravo for your collection!!
Sir Stuart The silver Knight Lot #3038 th $ 229
W/ Box! Box is a C8+-C9, a little corbner tape, figure is a nice C9+, comes with 56/56 accessories In Sealed bags!!! Factory sealed, look no further for the untouched upgrade! orig instrux!
Jamie West (SOLD) Lot #3039 th $ 0
Jamie West W/ Box, box is a C8+, figure is a C8+-C9. comes with 12/12 accs, nice figure, Mint chaps and orig instrux!
Remco Johnny Reb Cannon (SOLD) Lot #3040 th $ 0
This is a very nice Remco Johnny Reb Cannon with fantastic carriage, 3 cannon balls, ramrod, box, and replacement flag. The cannon fires properly. The carriage is perfect including the unbroken ramrod tabs. The wheels have minimal paint loss and it has pull cord. The box is very nice for being so large and old, it has minimal age coloring with all the flaps intact. This is a nice start as a collector grade Johnny Reb cannon and box so it is not cheap.
Janice West (SOLD) Lot #3041 th $ 0
W/ Box! Box is a C8+, fig is a C8+-C9, comes with 13/13 minty accessories, orig instrux included.
Geronimo Lot #3042 th $ 156
BOTW Geronimo, C8-C8+box(covered with plastic), C9 fig, 37/37 minty accs, orig instrux and BOTW Guide! Nice set for the collection!
Jane West (Bilingual Boxed Canadian version) Lot #3043 th $ 169
W/ Box!, box is a C8+-C9 Bilingual Varga box, Turquoise Figure is a C9, comes with 26/36 minty HTF pink and silver accs! Nice Set for your collection with nice accessories and Box to boot!
Lone Ranger Solitary Trapper Canoe RARE!!! (SOLD) Lot #3044 th $ 129
Nice Solitary Trapper Boxed Canoe! Comes with Canoe only, no other accs, Canoe and Box are both C9-C9+ really nice and both hard to find!
Safari Adventure Buck Hunter Lot #3045 th $ 94
W/ Box! Box is a C8+-C9, Figure is a C9-C9+, Buck Hunter comes with hat and SEALED accs! No Coat, See pic! Looks great! See pics for what is included!
Jay West (SOLD) Lot #3046 th $ 0
Jay West, loose, C9, comes with 11/12 accessories, mint chaps, accessories are nice. Looks great, ready for display!
Best of the West Corral Fence (SOLD) Lot #3047 th $ 0
Loose full set of plastic corral fence. These sets came in the box, six sections per set. You get a full set, all 6 pieces, mint nice, no broken sections! Free US shipping! Wild Mustang listed separately shown for demonstration!
Sir Rudolph The Red Knight (SOLD) Lot #3048 th $ 0
Plastimarx Newly created figure! MIB never assembled, see pics of this cool new figure! Red Molded figure with 56/56 accessories also molded in red! Comes with nicely dressed box to compliment the new set!
Indian Horse Tack CXR set Lot #3049 th $ 39
Carded Johnny West Adventure Indian Riding tack! Mint carded set never opened, Comes with instrux and free US shipping!

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