Chief Red Cloud Indian 7.5 "
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Marx Stock Number: P1781

Produced: 1967

Marx produced a 7.5 poly-plastic Indian. U.S. versions were molded in caramel color much like Chief Cherokee. Red Cloud's accessories were all originally molded out of brown soft vinyl. Due to never finding any packaging, I am not sure the total number of accessories that came with the Indians. I put a list of what mine has for a start. Mexico also produced the 7.5 Chief Red Clouds. The version I have is molded in blue, and has white poly-plastic accessories instead of the soft vinyl ones used in U.S. versions. As far as I can tell, all Mexican 7.5 scaled figures all came with the poly-plastic accessories in lieu of the soft vinyl. U.S. versions are very hard to find. Being they were molded in the caramel poly-plastic, they often became brittle over time, and as a result are found shattered to pieces. Most collectors who have the caramel ones claim they are in poor condition.

10 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories (poly-plastic in Mexico)


•  Rifle (1)

•  Peace Pipe (1)

•  Arrows (3)

•  Bow (1)

•  Knife (1)

•  Eagle Feather Headband (1)

•  War Club (1)

•  Tomahawk (1)

Total - ~ 10
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