Military 7.5 "
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Marx Stock Number:

Produced: 1967

Sgt. Baker / Sgt. Starr

Marx also produced two 7.5 poly-plastic Military soldiers called Sgt. Baker, and Sgt. Starr. They were both olive drab green colored and had green soft vinyl Rat Patrol type accessories. Sgt. Baker had basically the same head mold as Johnny Apollo and Johnny Kolt. Sgt. Starr had a unique head, which was also used by Dusty Slade cowboy. The Sgt. Starr had a totally different military body mold than Sgt. Baker. See pics for differences. Both are quite HTF, especially Sgt. Starr. Mexico also made these figures. I have seen Mexican issues of Sgt. Baker. His hair was painted a strange greenish color, and he had black accessories made of poly-plastic instead of soft vinyl. The Mexican versions have non-painted rivets and a more unfinished feel to the poly-plastic bodies. I am not sure if Sgt. Starr body or head types were produced in Mexico. I have yet to find these packaged. I have been told by other collectors they were sold on blister cards. I have also never seen a jeep. It seems logical the Rat Jeep could have been molded in green, but I don't believe it ever was.

10 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Net Helmets (1)

•  Fatigue Hats (1)

•  Berets (1)

•  Aussie Hats (1)

•  45 Pistols (1)

•  Holsters (1)

•  Canteens (1)

•  Walkie-talkies (1)

•  Binocular Case with Strap (1)

•  Assault Rifles, Vinyl (1)


Total - 10

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