Apollo 7.5 Astronaut series
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Produced: ~ 1968-1971

Johnny Apollo

Marx Stock Number: 1724

Johnny Apollo was a 7.5 White molded figure made of the usual poly-plastic. He was male astronaut with gold poly-plastic accessories. Johnny Apollo had the same head as Johnny Kolt cowboy, and Sgt. Baker military soldier. Johnny had brown hair. Many Apollo's have elbow stress cracks and be sure to look for nose rubs from the space helmet. Johnny Apollo is the most common of all the 7.5 Marx figures today.

Jane Apollo

Marx Stock Number: 1723

Jane Apollo is the 7.5" female astronaut made out of poly-plastic. The version I have is molded in blue color, and has blonde hair with red lipstick. Her poly-plastic accessories were typically molded in white. Jane is the most rare of the Marx astronauts. I still have yet to find her boxed. A loose Jane can demand as much as a boxed complete Johnny Apollo. Her white astronaut accessories are very HTF. Jane's accessories are the same as Johnny Apollo's other than color.

Kennedy / Johnson Space Center Astronauts

Marx Stock Number: 1726

Both Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers sold the Apollo type astronauts in specially labeled boxes. I have only seen the Kennedy version of box, but I would guess Johnson is the same. They contained all the same equipment as Johnny Apollo, and had gold poly-plastic accessories. All Kennedy versions I have seen appear to have a dull looking gold metallic color.

Space Expedition Set

Marx Stock Number: 1742

The Space Expedition set was a deluxe set sold with both Johnny and Jane Apollo figures and a space crawler, and space buggy. Each figure had a full 17 piece accessory set. Space expedition sets are definitely on the rare side. I have seen or heard of only a very few. One is shown in this guide.

Space Crawler Set (box not shown)

Marx Stock Number: 1738

I have seen only a few of these Crawler boxed sets. I am not sure if they came with figures or not. My guess is no unless it was a deluxe version. The crawler was a motorized HP and poly-plastic space machine used by Johnny or Jane for space exploration. The Space crawlers are battery driven. In my opinion any of the boxed crawlers are on the rare side, I have seen very few in the past two years.

Mark Apollo (Mexican version shown)

Marx Stock Number: N/A

Other versions of Johnny Apollo include a Mark Apollo. He was sold in Mexico with a white molded body and a Sam Troy head, and some U.K. versions with the same or different heads. I have heard some U.K. versions are blue or orange poly-plastic figure mold colors with orange accessories. I have never seen them first hand or boxed. The Mexican version shown has odd silver metallic poly-plastic accessories. I really am not certain on the odd colored astronauts. I have heard conflicting stories on them at this time.


17 accessories (with any astronaut figure)



Poly-Plastic Accessories:

•  Air conditioner tank (2)

•  Helmet (1)

•  Oxygen pack w/ straps (4)

•  Air Hoses (2)

•  Combination Tool (1)

•  Nab Tool (1)

•  Plench (1)

•  Kodak Camera (1)

•  Guidance Gun (1)

•  Long Billed Cap (1)

•  Clip-board (1)

•  Labels stickers- card- (1)


Total - 17

(Jane Apollo on right, she should have white accs, not gold)

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