Sir Cedric the black Knight (UK ONLY) #2082
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Marx Stock Number: 2082

Produced: 1968-1972

Sir Cedric was an U.K. Exclusive 12” poly-plastic figure molded in a dark blue purple color. His accessories were molded in black poly-plastic, and his head was either Sir Gordon's or Sir Stuart's Molded in Orange Indian flesh colored soft vinyl. I have been told some U.K. versions of the black knight had white molded flesh, but it is the orange color that really makes the piece interesting. Sir Cedric was given a full beard no matter which head version was used. I showed both for reference. His armour like the others totals 28 pieces and is very authentic looking with great detail. Armor pieces many times have cracked loops or broken tabs, the “armour” can break easily if it is removed from a figure. There are mainly two illustrated box versions. The 1 st issues have a castle in the left corner with a sky in the background. The U.K. also offered a window boxed version of Sir Cedric sold in a universal type Viking/Knight boxes. Rivet upgrades were also done on the later post 1970 issues. The black Knights are HTF and the most costly of the knights. Expect to pay around $500 for a nice one. Our books show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details. Reissues were produced in 2001-?. The reissues are OK, but have fragile armor.


56 accessories



Poly-Plastic Accessories:


•  Front Armor (1)

•  Back Armor (1)

•  Armor shoulders-left Pauldron (2)

•  Armor shoulders-right Pauldron (2)

•  Armor Elbows-Vambrace- left (2)

•  Armor Elbows-Vambrace- right (2)

•  Armor gloves-Gauntlet- left (2)

•  Armor gloves-Gauntlet- right (2)

•  Couter-left (1)

•  Couter-right (1)

•  Armor Hips-Cuisse-left (2)

•  Armor Hips-Cuisse-right (2)

•  Waist protector -Tasset(s) - left and right (2)

•  Armor Calves-Greave- left (2)

•  Armor Calves-Greave- right (2)

•  Armor Foot protector-Sabaton -Left (1)

•  Armor Foot protector-Sabaton -right (1)

•  Helmet-(s) 2 diff. one piece versions (2)

•  Helmet 2-piece w/ Face shield (3)

•  Shield (1)

•  Handle straps (2)

•  Compound Bow, trigger, handle (3)

•  Spear (1)

•  Arrows (6)

•  Mace (1)

•  Club (1)

•  Sword (1)

•  Pistol (1)

•  Knife (1)

•  Scabbard (1)

•  Belt (1)

•  Flag (Blue / yellow paper) (1)

•  Staff (wood) (1)

•  Feather (1)


Total - 56


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