Daniel Boone #2060
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Marx Stock Number: 2060

Produced: 1965

Daniel Boone was another target by Marx aimed at television. The body was made with limited articulation like 1 st issue Stony's with no leg articulation, limited elbow movement and were 12” tall. Rumors are around stating Marx made a Davy Crocket figure with articulation, I have seen no proof of this. I also have heard of a figure called “The Hired Ranch Hand” which was similar with flocked hair? To my knowledge it is a prototype only. Boone's head was molded to resemble Fess Parker, and the body was molded in caramel tan poly-plastic. Boone figures also had the 1 st issue straight hands as opposed to the more curved ones. Accessories were molded in fudge brown soft vinyl and dark chocolate brown poly-plastic. Daniel Boone figures are found today in poor shape in many cases. Daniel had the non-riveted shoulders and caramel poly-plastic (which seems to weaken more verses other vintage figure colors), they are found shattered, cracked and chipped frequently. I guess what I am trying to say is keep this one away from kids they break very easy. Many I have found have shoulder repairs and or hairline cracks. Still a very neat Marx piece, and worthy of adding to your collection. The accessories make him worth it alone.


28 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Coonskin Cap (1)

•  Bearskin Jacket (1)

•  Bundle of Hides (1)

•  Frontiersman Hat (1)

•  Wampum (1)

•  Belt (1)

•  Canteen (1)

•  Haversack (1)

•  Haversack Strap (1)


Poly- Plastic Accessories:


•  Flintlock Long Rifle (1)

•  2 Flintlock Pistols (2)

•  Bowie Knife (1)

•  Knife Sheath (1)

•  Primer Horn (1)

•  Powder Horn (1)

•  Bear Claw Necklace (1)

•  Coonskin (1)

•  Tinder Box (1)

•  2 Bear Traps (2)

•  2 Beaver Traps (2)

•  Tomahawk (1)

•  Shot Pouch (1)

•  Bullet Starter Loading Block (1)

•  Bullet Mold (2)



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