Bill Buck #1868
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Marx Stock Number: 1868

Produced: 1967-1968

Bill Buck was a Calvary scout for the FAF. He was 12 tall, molded in caramel tan poly-plastic, and had brown soft vinyl and brown poly-plastic accessories. Bill had a Daniel Boone head with a narrower sculpt to it. His body was similar to first issue Johnny West figures, except with different molded boots and a string tie. This body style molded in gray color was the original intent by Marx to use with a Zeb Zachary style head to make a Jesse James figure. Though I have never seen a Jesse James figure, I have heard about it enough to believe there is truth to the Marx legend. The Bill Buck figure was only produced a year or so. It is a very HTF figure today boxed and complete. Many fall into the shattered broken category as many other early issue Marx figures molded in caramel poly-plastic. His brown poly-plastic accessories are HTF today being they were only used with Bill Bucks. The soft vinyl accessories were from the same Daniel Boone molds and therefore can be found easier. A figure that later used the Bill Buck body mold was Sheriff Garrett produced in 1973. Bill Bucks are missing from many collectors shelves due to their rareness, and high cost. A Daniel Boone head on a Johnny West body is a cheap way out of getting a high priced Bill Buck. Be sure you know what you're getting if you buy the real thing, which I still recommend. Our books and modules show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details. The Canadian Module alone has 44 pages of details on Canada produced figures.


14 Accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Coonskin Cap (1)

•  Fur Vest (1)

•  Wampum (1)

•  Range Hat (1)

•  Fur Pelts (1)

•  Belt (1)

•  Canteen (1)

•  Parfleche (1)

•  Parfleche Strap (1)


Poly-Plastic Accessories:


•  Pistol(1)

•  Blanket roll (1)

•  1873 Springfield Rifle (1)

•  Binoculars (1)

•  Bugle (1)



Total - 14

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