Buckboard Wagon #4424
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Marx Stock Number: 4424

Produced: 1967-1975

The buckboard wagon was another large accessory by Marx. The horse was essentially a palomino colored Thunderbolt with wheels added, and of course like all Marx horses was molded in HP. The buckboard horse's also had white markings on the tail, mane etc. This horse was used for Valor the Silver Knights horse as well. The wagon was HP, and had a seat with poly-plastic red springs. The horse had a harness and bridle set with long reins made out of soft vinyl for the rider to control the horse. A red poly-plastic whip came with the set, which is missing on many loose sets found today.


20 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Reins - uncut (1)

•  Bridle/Bit (2)

•  Harness (1)


Metal Accessories:


•  Metal Axle(s) (2)

•  Lug Nuts (4)


Poly-Plastic Accessories:


•  Whip (1)

•  Wheels (4)

•  Seat springs (2)


Hard Plastic Accessories:


•  Seat (1)

•  Base (1)


Total - 20


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