Buckskin #2036
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Marx Stock Number: 2036

Produced: 1967-1975

Buckskin horses were yet another style of Marx full size riding horse for 12 figures. Buckskins were made out of HP, and can be identified by their nodding head and movable neck. The colors they came in were palomino with white markings, or brown with black markings. Their tack was molded in brown or black soft vinyl. Buckskins are quite desirable in the collecting market as far as horses go. Buckskins later had wheels added, and were used as Viking and Knight horses in the early 1970's. I have been told Canada had some odd versions of Buckskin, though I have yet to see one.


16 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Reins (2)

•  Bridle (1)

•  Bit (1)

•  Stirrups(2)

•  Stirrup Ties(2)

•  Saddle(1)

•  Saddle strap (1)

•  Saddlebags w/ strap -(3)

•  Rifle scabbard-(1)

•  Saddle Blanket(1)


Total - 15


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