Giant Medieval Castle #5375
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Marx Stock Number: 5375

Produced: 1968-1972

Marx also produced a full scaled castle for the knights and vikings muck like The Circle X Ranch and The Fort Apache playsets. It was made out of cardboard, and came with table, chairs, benches, draw bridge etc. The castle is a pretty rare piece. I have only seen about four in the retail market for sale. What I am trying to say here is don't wait for a mint one or you may never find it. If you like the Knights and Vikings, you will want this piece.


28 accessories



Cardboard Accessories:


•  Main case with handle (Actually is the Castle) (2)

•  Castle Wall Pieces sides (2)

•  Castle walls Front (2)

•  Corner towers (2)

•  Entrances (2)

•  Front Battlement (2)

•  Iron gate (1)

•  Drawbridge (1)

•  Castle towers (2)

•  Castle Battlement (s) for the roof (2)

•  Table brace (2)

•  Chairs (2)

•  Benche(s) brace(s) (4)

•  Horse Trough (1)

•  Inside awning piece (1)


Total - 28


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