Brave Erik the Viking(The Son) #5430
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Marx Stock Number: 5430

Produced: 1970-1972

Brave Erik was one of two 12” Marx Viking figures. Erik was molded in a dull lime green color of poly-plastic, and had black poly-plastic and brown soft vinyl accessories. His head can be identified by his shoulder length straight blonde hair and blue painted eyes. Eriks were mainly issued in one box variation know by many as the “Mod” version. The MOD boxes had solid blue, red or purple backgrounds with a photo picture off to the side. The MOD boxes were made of thin cardboard construction and therefore are tough to find today in mint condition. Erik was also sold in two color combo type boxes, which included a Viking horse. In the U.K., Eriks were sold in unique window boxes, and are quite HTF to find today. Eriks are quite popular today and demand a decent price boxed. Accessories are also in the HTF category. It took me a year to find the one in this guide which is far from having a mint package, and even longer to get the window boxed version.


22 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Sword belt-(1)

•  Belt with pouch-(1)

•  Cape-(1)

•  Skirt-(1)

•  Shirt-(1)


Poly-Plastic Accessories:

•  Spear-(1)

•  Helmet-horned-(1)

•  Helmet-w/comb and horns-(1)

•  Helmet-winged-(1)

•  Knife-(1)

•  Shield-with handles- (3)

•  Battle Ax-(short handle) -(1)

•  Horn-(1)

•  Arrows-(4)

•  Quiver-(1)

•  Bow-(1)

•  Sword-(1)


Total - 22



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