Fighting Eagle #1864
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Marx Stock Number: 1864

Produced: 1967-1969?


The Fighting Eagle in my experience has been toughest of the Male Indians to collect. He is 12 tall, initially had a flesh colored body molded in poly-plastic, and can be identified by his Mohawk hair, face scar, and Molded on earrings. The Fighting Eagles body style can be identified by his exposed bare chest verses the other Indians, which are fully clothed. His accessories are identical to chief Cherokee for all early versions of the Fighting Eagle. The Fighting Eagle was not produced for a few years in the 1969-1972 area. The HTF MOD/cactus box style was produced around 1973 followed by the BOW packaging in 1974. The later post 1972 issues changed the body mold color to caramel, and added more rivets and pins for strength. The next change came in 1975 when the JWA versions were given bright lime green soft vinyl accessories. The brown poly-plastic accessories remained the same. The Fighting Eagle is relatively HTF today with earrings intact as they can break off very easily. I am not sure of any odd Canadian MOD versions. I have heard the UK used a dull lime green molded Geronimo style body for their fighting Eagles, but still have never seen them first hand. Why the UK did not use the typical Fighting Eagle body mold is unclear to me. Our books and modules show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details. The Canadian Module alone has 44 pages of details on Canada produced figures.


36 accessories (no headband)



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Breast Plate with straps (1)

•  Shield Strap (1)

•  Arrow Quiver (1)

•  Belt-beaded type (1)

•  Wampum strip (1)

•  Feathered Head Band (1)

•  Ceremonial mask-(1)

•  Parfleche-(shoulder bag) (1)

•  Parfleche Strap (1)

•  Hat-Buffalo Horned (1)

•  Headdress-Feathered (1)

•  Headdress Tail-Feathered (1)

•  Headdress Side pieces (2)

•  Pony Blanket-(w/strap) (2)

•  Blanket Cinch (1)

•  Hackamore-(Indian rope reins) (1)

Poly-Plastic Accessories:


•  Shield-Brown (1)

•  Knife-Bowie Type (1)

•  Knife-sheathType (1)

•  Bow (1)

•  Arrows (6)

•  Spear (1)

•  Tomahawk (1)

•  Bear Claw Necklace (1)

•  Peace pipe (1)

•  Rifle-1873 Springfield (1)

•  Tom Tom (drum) (1)

•  Tom-Tom stick (1)

•  Rattle (1)

•  War Club (1)


Total - 36

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