Flame #2081
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Marx Stock Number: 2081

Corral / Flame Combo (shown below): 2083

Produced: 1966-1969

Flame is a full size horse for the 12 Marx action figures. Flames were mainly produced in the mid to late 60's and as a result are the most HTF today. Flames can be identified by their legs being in a fixed trotting position. They were available in brown with black markings or palomino with white markings with either black or brown soft vinyl tack. Box Packaging is on the scarce side. Flame seems to be referenced as Jane West's horse, though I am sure it was used for any of the 12 figures. The only odd Flame version I have heard about is from the U.K. It was molded in a reddish / brown color and had stenciled markings factory painted on the body. Expect to pay high on this one due to its scarceness. I have shown a rare full color combo version of Flame that came with a full set of corral fence.


16 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Reins (2)

•  Bridle (1)

•  Bit (1)

•  Stirrups (2)

•  Stirrup Ties (2)

•  Saddle (1)

•  Saddle strap (1)

•  Saddlebags w/ strap (3)

•  Rifle scabbard (1)

•  Saddle Blanket (1)


Total - 15


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