Jimmy West #2065
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Marx Stock Number: 2065

Produced: 1969-

Jimmy West was another unique figure to Canada. Jimmy was a 12 figure, with a Johnny West style body, and was molded in varying shades dark chocolate brown poly-plastic. His head was from either a Captain Maddox or a Zeb Zachary mold. Most people prefer the Zeb version, though I have seen many with either head. Jimmy had Johnny West type accessories molded in a unique bronze colored soft vinyl. Some bronze accessories can actually be seen through when held up to bright lights! His hard accessories are also like Johnny West type but molded in silver poly-plastic. Jimmy's boxes are extremely HTF. Boxed Jimmy's can run around the $600 mark easily. Box packaging does not have a unique illustration of Jimmy; instead it is just a campfire Johnny Box with Jimmy West titles on it. Loose Jimmy's are much more modestly priced and can be found under the $300 range. Our books and modules show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details. The Canadian Module alone has 44 pages of details on Canada produced figures. See How many Jimmys in the Module!


24 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Sombrero (1)

•  Chaps (1)

•  Spur straps (2)

•  Cartridge Belt with Holster (1)

•  Sacks of Gold (3)

•  Vest (1)

•  Neckerchief (1)

•  Canteen (1)


Poly-Plastic Accessories:


•  Spurs (2)

•  Pistol (1)

•  Derringer (1)

•  Knife (1)

•  Rifle (1)

•  Coffee Pot (1)

•  Coffee Cup (1)

•  Frying Pan (1)

•  Strong Box (2)

•  Branding Irons L/M (2)


Total 24
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