Pancho Pony #1061
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Marx Stock Number: 1061

Produced: 1967-1975

Poncho ponies were small and scaled for the West kids. They were molded in HP, and were available in palomino or chestnut colors with brown or black pony tack. I have also seen some Canadian tack made out of the light caramel color. The horse itself can be identified by its long straight tail pointing down. They are in an upright fixed posed position. Poncho ponies are relatively inexpensive in the retail market today unless in MIB condition.


8 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Reins (2)

•  Bridle/Bit (2)

•  Stirrups (2)

•  Saddle/ blanket (1)

•  Saddle strap(1)


Total - 8


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