Stony Smith Battling Soldier “Stonewall Smith”
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Marx Stock Number: 2050

Produced: 1964-1968


This was the first version of Stony. He had straight legs with no lower articulation, limited elbow movement and was one of the first 12” figures produced by Marx. His head would be later used for Johnny West and the Canadian Sheriff Goode figures. The figure itself was molded in dark olive green poly-plastic. Early figures had straight hands that were updated in later issues to the curved gripping type. This was the Marx answer to G.I. Joe in the mid 1960's. Stony came with all poly-plastic accessories also in army green color. Despite the age of Stony figures, price values seem to run in the low to modest range. Values are not even in the same playing field as Hasbro's G.I. Joe. Despite a short production run in the 1960's, he was produced many years later in Mexico. I have heard the Mexican issues of Stony are inferior looking and in quality. I have seen some other Mexican figures, and the quality was and is lacking. Stony accessories can be recognized by the different colors other than olive green used by Marx in the U.S. Our books and modules show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details.


54 accessories


Poly-Plastic Accessories:

•  Plain Helmet w/ strap (2)

•  Camouflage Helmet w/ strap (2)

•  Fatigue Hat (1)

•  Beret (1)

•  Submachine Gun (1)

•  Canteen w/ cap (2)

•  Rations (2)

•  Mess Kit, (2x) spoon fork knife (7)

•  Canteen Cover (1)

•  Binoculars (1)

•  Binoculars Case / strap (2)

•  Carbine Rifle / strap (2)

•  Walkie-Talkie / strap (2)

•  Field Pack w/ straps (3)

•  Cartridge Belt w/ Scabbard (1)

•  Bayonet (1)

•  Cartridge belt w/ holster (1)

•  Pistol, 45 (1)

•  Bugle (1)

•  Grenades (3)

•  Commando Knife (1)

•  Leg Sheath (1)

•  Entrenching Tool (2)

•  Tool cover (1)

•  30 Cal Machine Gun (1)

•  Tripod for machine gun (4)

•  Browning Automatic Rifle (1)

•  Bipod / strap for browning (2)

•  M-1 Rifle w/ strap (2)

•  insignia Card (1)

•  Parachute Disc (1)


Total- 54

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