Thunderbolt #2061
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Marx Stock Number: 2061

Produced: 1965-1975

Thunderbolt is the most common Marx horse. He is posed in the upright position, and is made of HP. Out of all the Thunderbolts, the black version with black tack seems the toughest to find. Thunderbolts came basically in four colors: brown with black markings, palomino, tan (Canada), black with white markings. Tack for the horses came in black, brown, or in Canada light caramel colored. Palomino colored thunderbolts with brown tack are the most common Marx horse loose or in boxes.


16 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Reins (2)

•  Bridle (1)

•  Bit (1)

•  Stirrups (2)

•  Stirrup Ties (2)

•  Saddle (1)

•  Saddle strap (1)

•  Saddlebags w/ strap (3)

•  Rifle scabbard (1)

•  Saddle Blanket (1)


Total - 15


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