A Mighty Viking Horse #5381
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Marx Stock Number: 5381

Produced: 1970-1972

The Mighty Viking horse was sold to give the Vikings mobility. The horses were sold in either palomino for Erik, or brown for Odin. They were made out of the usual HP and had a special set of 11 piece black vinyl Viking tack. The horses like the Knights horses had wheels in the hooves, but were the nodding head type like buckskins and 2 nd issue MOD Big Valor's and Big Bravo's. Other than Combo packaging, the single Viking horse boxes are rare. Many collectors have told me they have only seen the palomino color version sold in a full color MOD picture box. I am not aware of the brown version being sold other than with Odin in a combo. Expect to pay a higher price for the brown Viking horse. It is by far less common today. Expect to pay $200 plus for a MOD boxed Viking horse.


11 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories:


•  Saddle Blanket (1)

•  Saddle (1)

•  Closed Stirrups (2)

•  Stirrup straps (2)

•  Reins (2)

•  Bridle (1)

•  Bit (1)

•  Saddle Strap (1)


Total - 11



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