Princess Wildflower #2097
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Marx Stock Number: 2097

Produced: 1974-1975

Princess Wildflower was the new edition to the 1974 “Best of The West” (BOW) series. The princess was 12” tall and made in a similar size scale to Jane West. She was the only female Indian version added by Marx, and can be identified by the off-white to cream poly-plastic body. She had black hair with braids that yellow ribbon stickers attached to. The Princess had all soft vinyl accessories, which were molded in mixed turquoise/blue and salmon/red like colors. In 1975, The Princess had no changes made to her like the other BOW figures. Princess Wildflower is on the high demand side by collectors. She is definitely not a low-end piece by any means. JWA packaging in mint condition is very rare. Most Canadian versions I have seen have accessories with a marbled look. I am not certain if it was poor dye blending in the vinyl or intentional by Marx as a possible MOD variation. Our books and modules show excellent differences in full color for variations of these figures, check out the book section for more details. The Canadian Module alone has 44 pages of details on Canada produced figures.

23 accessories



Soft Vinyl Accessories: (All are..)


•  Papoose-w/child (1)

•  Papoose straps (2)

•  Reed Basket (1)

•  Bracelet (1)

•  Necklace-Bear Claw type (1)

•  Necklace-Bead type (1)

•  Comb (1)

•  Large Pottery Bowl (1)

•  Small Pottery Bowl (1)

•  Wooden Spoon (1)

•  Wooden ladle (1)

•  Pottery Cup (1)

•  Plate (1)

•  Beaded Belt (1)

•  Skirt (1)

•  Vest (1)

•  Headband-Feathered type (1)

•  Studded Headband (1)

•  Parfleche(bag) (1)

•  Parfleche strap (1)

•  Shoulder scarf (1)

•  Hair Ribbon carded (1-set)


Total - 23

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