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Jane West with Flame Boxed Combo! Lot #3413 th $ 229
Jane West flame combination set comes with a C9 Jane West figure with 35/36 cream and brown accessories. Missing only the lipstick! .Comes with a Palomino Flame horse C8+ condition with 15/15 pieces of brown western tack. Set looks and displays great see pictures ! Free US shipping included which is min $40 in the Us !
Artemus Gordon Custom from The Wild Wild West Lot #3426 th $ 154
Boxed Custom Artemus Gordon Figures ! This one comes with a gray Johnny West body! The reissue cowboy style body with custom painted Artemus soft viny like head, note the elbow has a stress split on elbow. The set has a cool Artemus Gordon set of instrux with a mix of black reissure and CXR accessories. Also includes a CXR duster as a bonus. See pics of what you get in this cool custom. As a reminder ALL of our boxes can be purchased separate without figures; see our custom boxes.
Cowboy Kid Lot #3427 th $ 145
VINTAGE original Cowboy Kid! The UK exclusive is vintage and comes with 5 vinyl accessories as shown. Also comes with a frree really nice rendition tribute to the UK box. Instrictions copy included.
Geronimo Lot #3428 th $ 165
Sweet looking Johnny West Adventure Geronimo with full Custom box set! Comes with a C9 figure and a COMPLETE set of accessories! 37/37 accessories, al yellow vinyl is there! See pictures of this really nice set. Includes custom box , card inlay, instructions and a Color guide.Looks better than the original see pics! Best part is you get all accessories.
Bruce Wayne Custom (Adam West Batman) Lot #3431 th $ 92
Bruce Wayne custom figure by Classic Plastic! Comes with a really good Adam West sculpt head on a C8 Mike Hazard body. Accessories include an CXR duster overcoat , hat, and face disguise. See pictures
Johnny West (MOD Custom) Lot #3436 th $ 154
Custom MOD Green Canadian Johnny West with MOD box! Figure and accessories are reissue , accessories are brown vinyl aand gray polyethylene. Green figure is really nice. Comes with a Sweet Custom MOD Canadian Box with instrux! Look how nice this set looks!
Johnny West Lot #3437 th $ 179
Johnny West The Movable Cowboy, C8 early movable box, has age wear to it, C8+ fig, The accs are opened in nice shape, 24/24 accs, even the derringer, chaps have one flawed tassle but all knobs there. Orig paperwork and guide! This is an early issue JW.
Sheriff Garrett Lot #3438 th $ 169
Sheriff Garrett with mod box. The box is a C8-C8+some creases , pretty good color on box face. My favorite Garrett box. Figure is a C9-C9+. Note this is the harder to find steel blue figure and looks stunning. Comes with 20/26 accessories.Comes with copy of best of the west instructions. This is a sweet sheriff Garrett for your collection and my favorite color for him.
Jane West Lot #3439 th $ 156
Jane West BOTW box is a C8+ but has taped corners, figure is a C9+, has teh white hair that late issue janes evolve to (how fitting after 45 years :). Set comes with full 36/36 accessories; vinyl group opened but on trees, poly brown opened complte! Original instrux and BOTW guide included. They don't get much better than this. Excellent Jane set for a nice gift.Free US shipping and insurance!
Geronimo Lot #3440 th $ 185
Geronimo in a Rare Mailer Box! Green litho cored graphics, Box is a C8+-C9, figure is a C9-C9+, comes with 37/37 minty accessories. Copy instux included with colored text. Perfect set if you are looking for something harder to find in a box with really nice contents.
James West Boxed Custom from Wild Wild West ! Lot #3441 th $ 154
James west custom With box. Real nice custom box see pictures. Comes complete with a full set of 29/29 gray/silver accessories With additional ax heads. This is a dark brown colored figure looks awesome! The figure has a beautifully restored head with brown hair James West. Comes with unused set of gray Poly-Ethylene plastic accessories note the holster has a mold flaw on scabbard like all the reissue sets have. Axe heads can be made functional by request only, otherwise you will get them sealed in bag as received solid undtrilled for pool cues. Instructions included and they are well done! Box is available without figure see our custom boxes1 Free Us Shipping!
Ranch Hand Custom Lot #3442 th $ 159
Custom Ranch Hand figure with really nice MOD Ranch Hand custom Box! The vintage Johnny West figure is made with a custom vintage head with flocked hair to resemble the test shot shown in the Encyclopedia shared by the Marx Toy Museum. These were never produced. We made this custom with the flocked Boone head and a full set of taupe vinyl and brown polyplastic accessories. Box also includes custom instructions with nice green ink. See pics this is one sweet set!
Jimmy West Custom Lot #3443 th $ 155
Custom Jimmy west with nice Custom box! Real nice box customized with actual Zeb version of Jimmy west pictured on box. Body is a really nice KC body made in the US, the head is a custom, painted with brown hair. Comes complete with over 24/24 accessories. Really nice hard to find light taupe stiffer tan vinyl accessories with gray hard poly weapons pack. Comes with instructions copy as well. Real nice custom set for your collection. See pictures of this nice set!
Captain Maddox Johnny West Adventure Lot #3444 th $ 185
Marx Johnny West Adventure Captain Maddox. I seldom see these for sale on ebay loose or boxed with the royal blue figure and JWA box. This set comes with a custom box that looks stunning next to the vintage roayl blue Johnny West Adventure Captian Maddox figure. The figure is minty C9! Comes with 18/22 accessories, holster is nice intact. all accessories are great however rthe bandana is flawed. All accessories are vintage blue vinyl and silver poly. I could add reissue silver spurs if buyer would like them, just ask. Comes with copies of original instructions adn paperwork I also included some of the VTRs nice repro decals as a bonus.They are hard to find boxed but unheard of as a test shot.
Fighting Eagle Lot #3445 th $ 152
Nice Best of the west Fighting Eagle with custom box! 1970s issued figure is really nice C9 overall maybe better, slight hair wear. Comes with complete set of accessories 36/36 accessories, all vintage all nice! Also includes a really nice Best of the West Box with instructions and a beautifully done repro color guide by the VTR!
Clint Eastwood Custom Western Figure! ($old!) Lot #3446 th $ 0
Custom Clint Eastwood figure. Check out the cool new dark taupe/OD colored body color! I show a pic of Johnny West caramal tan for reference, TThis set is to commemorate Clint for the numverous westerns many have loved ove rthe years! Comes with a really cool famous screen cowboys custom box and  has a custom made resin head. Accessories are reissue plastimarx with gray / silver hard accessories and black vinyl! Over 24 accessories included. Looks great!
Sheriff Garrett Lot #3447 th $ 159
Sheriff Garrett JWA, Johnny West Adventure version, Comes with a new custom box, vintage Fig is a C9+; Comes with 21 Blue and White VINTAGE accessories, flawed chaps otherwise all very nice. blue accs, HTF blue spurs unbroken. This is one cool vintage JWA sheriff Garrett! Comes with nice custom box, repro instrux and color guide. See Pictures.
Johnny West Lot #3448 th $ 165
Johnny West MOD Cactus box is a C8, some corner wear, creases and tape, the figure is a C8+. The set comes with 24/24 vintage accessories Chaps are MINT unbroken tassels! Also includes copy of instructions. This is one of my favorite vintage JW box sets!
Princess Wildflower Lot #3449 th $ 125
Princess Wildflower with Best of the West reproduction box! The figure is a c8+-C9, nice condition. The set is has 14/22 accessories, headband and necklace is flawed, case strap is extra papoose strap retro fit.. Included is a nice instrux copy. Dont forget Free US shipping here! Reproduction ribbons included.Nice set with that slick box added with figure.
Dangerous Dan Custom Lot #3450 th $ 150
Custom Boxed Dangerous Dan with Gordon Head. Made to reflect the original, this set is top notch. Comes with a Gorden style head and on a new very cool cool cobalt blue body with Black vinyl and gray plastic accs. The box is also a beatiful custom featuring a Dan with the Gordon head. See pics of what you get instrux copy also completes this sweet set!
Christmas Johnny West ($old!) Lot #3451 th $ 0
Christmas Johnny the only one I have this year. What’s cool about it has a totally revised to the two-part coffin style full color box. The figure is a red reissure Plastimarx note there is a stress crak on one elbow as many reissues seem to get. . For accessories, this one comes with a full sealed set of red vinyl accessories. Also included is a sealed set of gray poly accessories. 24/24 accessories. Beautiful color instrux included ! Like other sets I am giving the head of a 50 year old Johnny West a second chance and using on this figure. Many Johnnys have fallen to brittle plastic over the years, my way of giving them new purpose! Merry Christmas!
Mingo Companion of Daniel Boone Custom Lot #3452 th $ 159
Custom Mingo figure custom boxed set! Mingo the trusted companion of Daniel Boon comes with a cool Mingo style custom head in lighter flesh custom molded hair with a Geronimo vintage body to give some difference. The box is a nice custom rendition of what a Mingo custom box may have been in the 1960s by Marx. Also includes a set of instructions. The accessories are also all vintage 36/36 Indian accessories plus added long reissue rifle , Indian cloth blanket adn rawhide rope!! See pics of thgis set! Free US shipping!
Britt (James Coburn) Custom from The Magnificent Seven Lot #3453 th $ 132
Custom Britt the fastest knife in town from the Magnificent Seven! Coburn figure comes complete with 21 mixed Marx reissue and CXR accessories. Also include two tone body, harder to find real light taupe colored reissue body with vintage blue arms to compliment vinyl blue accs. Coburn head looks great! lots of extra pistols in this lot, white vintage hat added to compliment box graphics. Note this set has my first built up box for this custom so shows a little development scars with a crease and repaired corner but its included as a nice bonus and you can say you got our first. See pics!
Jimmy West Custom Lot #3454 th $ 143
Custom Jimmy west with nice Custom box! Real nice box customized with original Maddox Head version Art. Comes with a Maddox version of Jimmy west, orig head cusom painted on a Mexi issue brown body. Alternativily you can get a original Johnny West version of the box graphics by request for Jimmy. Comes complete with 24/24 accessories. Really nice light brown vinyl accessories with gray/silver polyethylene. Comes with instructions copy. Real nice custom set for your collection. See pictures of this nice set!
April Dancer the Saloon Girl Custom Lot #3455 th $ 156
Custom Boxed April Dancer Western West Renegade Outlaw of Dodge City Figure! Greetings! The set features an April Dancer Sculpt as an outlaw Saloon Girl. She comes with a new custom BOTW box with customized new instructions. She is outfitted with a vintage Jane west harder to find salmon bodies C8 over all condition with some fading to give that needed rough outlaw look. The vinyl is mixed KK black and purple vinyl and the hard accessories are CXR silver and a few gold. See Pics Freee US Shipping! Only one ready to ship, New and fresh inventory!
Best of The West Travel Case Lot #3456 th $ 54
Loose C8, no dividers. Looks great, semi hard to find.
Dangerous Dan Custom Lot #3457 th $ 159
Custom Boxed Dangerous Dan with flocked hair! Made to reflect the original, this set is top notch. Comes with a Flocked Dan head, very cool light blue body like the original. Includes Black vinyl and gray plastic accs. The box is also a beatiful custom featuring a Dan with flocked hair. See pics of what you get instrux copy also completes this sweet set! Looks like vintage but a custom reissue price and new!
Princess Wildflower Lot #3467 th $ 142
Johnny West Adventure Princess Wildflower, W/ Box, JWA Box is a C7, see pics, Fig is nice,comes in a minty C9-C9+! 18/22 COMPLETE accs, orig ribbons on figure but I added a new bright clean repro set. Custom box includes insert, instrux adn wonderfuly color guide, all repro custom to compliment the figure as a bonus. see pics of the set.
Golden Anniversary Johnny West Lot #3468 th $ 146
Custom Boxed Johnny West! The Johnny West the "Golden Age" of Marx action figures. The figure is the metallic gold with Silver gray weapons accessories and black vinyl accessories. Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. One of my favorie mettalic reissue figures! See pics Free Shipping included!
Bill Buck Custom ($old!) Lot #3469 th $ 0
Fort Apache Fighters Bill Buck custom set! Really nice reproduction box and instructions, Nice CXR Bill Buck figure made as a repro about 15-20 years ago. 14/14 accs . All vintage accs, brown vinyl and black polyethylene. Looks amazing, see pics!

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