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Johnny West The Golden Age Lot #3361 th $ 149
Golden Age Johnny West ! Another cool custom boxed set made with cool new production gold mettalic color from Mexico with complimentary accessories. You get the full accessory sets; black vinyl and gray ployethylene. The box is a gorgeous two-piece style box with a full color box top and a new white box bottom. The set also comes with an updated instruction / equipment manual. See pics of this cool set.
Princess Wildflower (Alternate stock available inquire) Lot #3364 th $ 95
Princess Wildflower C8+ with a New design MOD custom box included! Comes with 13 accessories plus ttwi repro sets of hair ribbons! Custom Instrux included to boot! Stock photo I have another inquire!
Ranch Hand Lot #3377 th $ 159
Custom Ranch Hand figure with really nice MOD Ranch Hand custom Box! The figure is made with flocked hair to resemble the test shot shown in the Encyclopedia shared by Marx Museum. These were never produced. We made this custom with the flocked Boone head and a full set of brown vinyl and brown polyplastic accessories. Box also includes instructions with nice green ink. See pics this is one sweet set!
Johnny West Custom in light blue! Lot #3378 th $ 142
Mexican Custom Johnny West with Box! Figure is nice but has a stress crack by one elbow, common in many of these. Plastic very nice otherwise. Complete with 26 accessories molded in black vinyl and gray polyplastic this is one sweet set. Has a nice Mexican custom box with instructions! See pics of this new color! Perfect for the holidays! Free US Shipping!
Custom Clint Eastwide Golden Rawhide! Lot #3379 th $ 147
Customer Clint Eastwood figure. Check out the cool golden age body to commemorate Clint! Comes with a really cool famous screen cowboys custom box and  has a custom made resin head. Accessories are reissue plastimarx with black hard accessories and taupe/tan vinyl! Over 24 accessories included. Looks great!
Jed Gibson VINTAGE Lot #3380 th $ 225
Vintage Jed Gibson! Yes this is the real deal, a teal body cavalry Jed figure! The figure is a C9 overall very nice Jed, comes with a custom-made two-part box box and includes vintage accessories . A few are Jed accessories others from cavalry and scout sets from the same time period using the same molds. No reissue accessories here. Includes original vintage color guide and copy of instrux . 
Jimmy West Custom Lot #3381 th $ 149
Custom Jimmy west with nice Custom box! Real nice box customized with actual Zeb version of Jimmy west pictured on box. Body is a really nice KC body made in the US, the head is a custom soft casting black hair. Comes complete with over 24/24 accessories. Really nice hard to find Dark green/gray vinyl accessories with gray hard poly weapos pack. Comes with instructions copy as well. Real nice custom set for your collection. See pictures of this nice set!
Dangerous Dan Vintage ($old!) Lot #3382 th $ 0
Vintage dangerous Dan figure Canadian exclusive. The figure is a c8+ has a little hair wear . Nice figure otherwise minor play wear. Accessories are all vintage black and silver all 24 original accessories are present. All tassels and knobs on Chaps the spurs are flawed missing stars but fully connect on figure. Comes with a custom two-part custom box. Also has a copy of instructions. See pictures of this rarity not seen that often.
Christmas Johnny West ($old) Lot #3383 th $ 0
Christmas Johnny the only one I have this year. What’s cool about it has a totally revised to the two-part coffin style full color box. The figure is a red reissure Plastimarx. For accessories, this one comes with a full opened set of red vinyl accessories but mint and complete. Also included is a sealed set of gray poly accessories. 24/24 accessories plus one star in the bag. Beautiful color instrux included ! Like other sets I am giving the head of a 50 year old Johnny West a second chance and using on this figure. Many Johnnys have fallen to brittle plastic over the years, my way of giving them new purpose! Merry Christmas!
The Outlaw Custom Lot #3384 th $ 131
Custom outlaw figure comes with a really cool acrylic casted and head! Reissue plastimarx body has a stress crack behind elbow which seems to be common with many of these figures but excellent C9+ otherwise. Comes with 26 accessories as shown , all accessories are in excellent shape chaps are missing one tassel but still has knobs in black vinyl. These are a pretty nice vinyl and poly accessories very close to Vintage in the feel. Look close at the pictures of this guy, he is one cool outlaw . I love this head sculpt and detail . Perfect guy to join Jesse James are dangerous Dan. 
Silver Anniversary Sam Cobra Lot #3397 th $ 149
Custom Boxed Sam Cobra! Sam Cobra the "Silver Age" of Marx action figures. Currently we have one left! This listing is for the Silver Age Sam Cobra set. The figure is the gray/flat silver with gray accessories. Included is a nice two part vintage coffin style updated box with illustration art. Also includeda nice equipment manual. Perfect for Christmas! Free Shipping included!
Artemus Gordon Custom from The Wild Wild West PENDING (Only one left with Black body) Lot #3398 th $ 150
Tan Body sold (Only one left with Black Body) Boxed Custom Artemus Gordon Figures ! This one comes with a tan reissue Cobra style body with custom painted Artemus soft vinylike head! Has a set of all new Artemus Gordon instrux with a full unused set of gray Poly-Ethylene plastic accessories note the holster has a mold flaw on scabbard like all the reissue sets have. Axe heads can be made functional by request only, otherwise you will get them sealed in bag as received solid undtrilled for pool cues. Instructions included and they are well done! Box is available without figure see our custom boxes.
James West Boxed Custom from Wild Wild West ! Lot #3399 th $ 150
James west custom With box. Real nice custom box see pictures. Comes complete with a full set of 29/29 gray/silver accessories With additional ax heads. This is a green colored figure mint! The figure has a beautifully restored head with brown hair James West. Comes with unused set of gray Poly-Ethylene plastic accessories note the holster has a mold flaw on scabbard like all the reissue sets have. Axe heads can be made functional by request only, otherwise you will get them sealed in bag as received solid undtrilled for pool cues. Instructions included and they are well done! Box is available without figure see our custom boxes.
Princess Wildflower Hair Ribbons Lot #9502 bx $ 12
New addition to the VTR! Die cut replacement vinyl hair ribbons for Princess Wildflower! These are the same scale and size as original, die cut for easy application. These stick excellent to vinyl heads with proper adhesion. You will not be disappointed. Free US Shipping #boxes
Captain Maddox Epaulet stickers Lot #9503 bx $ 15
VTR exclusive production Captain Maddox replacement epaulets stickers are here!!! Yes, most are gone these days, here are some for those Captains! Give him his rank! No need to cut these from the card. Why? These are die cut! That's right, just like the vintage. Die cut and ready to peel and stick. Vinyl stickers are professionally made and have excellent adhesion. Your captain is perfect with these, see pictures. If you tried our other versions, I urge you to buy a set of these. You will be pleased in the quality and color.Free upgraded 1st class Shipping included gives thick cardboard to protect them! Free US Shipping #boxes

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