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General Custer Custom Lot #3325 th $ 132
Custom General Custer comes with a custom Movie based Box with instructions copy. Has a nice vintage Custer body with head! Comes with Reissue cavalry vinyl black and yellow accessores, pouch missing a flap, has sealed set of silver mexican accessories. See Pics this looks amazing!
Sheriff Goode with Custom BOTW Box Lot #3331 th $ 147
Sheriff Thomas Goode Plastimarx reissue set with Custom Best of The West Box! Comes 25/25 black reissue hard accessories made with original Marx Molds in Mexico. Instructions Copy.
German Johnny West Custom Lot #3336 th $ 161
German Johnny West Vibroflex figure box with Custom US Johnny West with brass painted rivets. Comes with reissue sealed bags of accessories. Includes sealed brown hard accessories and a real nice set of harder to find reissue Rosewood colored brown vinyl reissue accessories. The figure is vintage US C8+ -C9 overall. Has reissue Blue eyed JW head for that German look liek orig German figures had,. This is a chance to get close to that rare set. Nice coffin design. copy of instrux are included! (free shipping in the US!)
James West Boxed Custom from Wild Wild West ! Lot #3344 th $ 145
James west custom With box. Real nice custom box see pictures. Comes complete with a full set of 29/29 gray/silver accessories With additional ax heads. This is a green colored figure mint but has a shoulder hairline split but does not affect it at all. The figure has a beuatifully restored head with brown hair James West. Comes with unused set of gray Poly-Ethylene plastic accessories note the holster has a mold flaw on scabbard like all the reissue sets have. Axe heads can be made functional by request only, otherwise you will get them sealed in bag as received solid undtrilled for pool cues. Instructions included and they are well done! Box is available without figure see our custom boxes. Stock Photos
Dangerous Dan Boxed Custom Lot #3345 th $ 143
Custom Sam Cobra version Dangerous Dan comes with a beautiful custom Cobra head Dan box. Incudes a reissue nice blue Mexican reissue body figure with a vintage Cobra head. Includes sealed black vinyl NICE accessories and a full open set of gray silver poly accs. Copy of instrux included. As collectors know, Canada produced this figure with a Cobra head during one of the production runs. You will not be dissapointed see pics! Stock Phot
Jimmy West Custom Maddox Version! Lot #3348 th $ 139
Custom Jimmy west with nice Custom box! Real nice box customized with original Maddox Head version Art. Comes with a Maddox version of Jimmy west, orig hair paint on a Mexi issue brown body. Alternativily you can get a original Johnny West version of the box graphics by request. Comes complete with 24/24 accessories. Really nice brown vinyl accessories with gray/silver polyethylene. Comes with instructions copy. Real nice custom set for your collection. See pictures of this nice set!
Betty West Boxed Custom! (Order required) Lot #3357 th $ 149
Betty West! AKA "Ugly Betty" by some of the West, she is the "tough gal" from Dodge City. Betty means business... I worked on this idea for quite some time but finally completed the concept. Betty is a 1st issue head on 1st or 2nd issue vintage body, black custom vinyl painted hair with blue headband. She includes 36 repro Mexican produced Marx hard black accs, and US reissued mixed black and purple/magenta vinyl. Will include sealed set of purple with no black by request! Includes one of my latest custom boxes with clean graphics and accessories matched on sides. I made a custom set of instrux matching the head and accessories includes see the pics.
Johnny West Golden Age Johnny West Lot #3361 th $ 149
Golden Age Johnny West ! Another cool custom boxed set made with cool new production gold mettalic color from Mexico with complimentary accessories. You get the full accessory sets; black vinyl and gray ployethylene. The box is a gorgeous two-piece style box with a full color box top and a new white box bottom. The set also comes with an updated instruction / equipment manual. See pics of this cool set.
Sam Cobra Silver Age Johnny West (On Order) Lot #3362 th $ 149
Silver Age Sam Cobra! Another cool custom boxed set made with cool new production gray/silver color from Mexico with complimentary accessories. You get the full accessory set; gray ployethylene. The box is a gorgeous two-piece style box with a full color box top and a new white box bottom. The set also comes with an updated instruction / equipment manual. See pics of this cool set.
Dangerous Dan Lot #3363 th $ 159
Custom Boxed Dangerous Dan with flocked hair! Made to reflect the original, this set is top notch. Comes with a Flocked Dan head, light blue body and Black vinyl and gray plastic accs. The box is also a custom featuring a Dan with flocked hair. See pics of what you get instrux copy also finals this sweet set in time for the holidays! (Stock photo)
Johnny West Custom in Cobalt Mettalic blue! Lot #3367 th $ 149
Mexican Custom Johnny West with Box! Complete with 26 accessories molded in black vinyl and grat polyplastic this is one sweet set. Has a nice box with instructions! See pics of this new color for 2020! Perfect for the holidays! Free US Shipping! Stock Photo
Sheriff Garrett with Flocked Hair! Custom Lot #3369 th $ 159
Sheriff Garrett Custom with flocked hair! Comes in C8+ condition with custom flocked hair! Made to resemble the Marx Museum prototype, the head was flocked gray. The set has a full set of black vinyl and gray polyethylene accs and a super nice reproduction first issue BOTW Garrett box! Instrux copy and color guide makes this a sweet set as if it was made like this from the factory! See pics! Dont forget free US shipping! Stock Photo
Ranch Hand (Order req) Lot #3371 th $ 159
Custom Ranch Hand figure with really nice MOD Ranch Hand custom Box! The figure is made with flocked hair to resemble the test shot shown in the Encyclopedia shared by Marx Museum. These were never produced. We made this custom with the flocked Boone head and a full set of red/brown vinyl and gray polyplastic accessories. Box also includes instructions with nice green ink. See pics this is one sweet set! Stock Photo
April Dancer Saloon Girl (Order Req) Lot #3372 th $ 155
Custom Boxed April Dancer Western West Renegade Outlaw of Dodge City Figure! Greetings! The set features an April Dancer Sculpt as an outlaw Saloon Girl. She comes with a new custom BOTW box with customized new instructions. She is outfitted with a vintage Jane west harder to find salmon bodies C8 over all condition with some fading to give that outlaw look. The reissue vinyl is mixed purple and black vinyl, with mixed silver and or bronze hard accessories. Stock photo colors may very inquire if you are specificlly wanting colors. Free US Shipping! Stock Photo
Geronimo Lot #3373 th $ 145
Fort Apache Fighters Geronimo, C8- box, some wear on bottom, C8+-C9 fig, 37/37 accs, all in nice shape, a few flawed but everything is functional! Also comes with an instrux copy.
Princess Wildflower Hair Ribbons Lot #9502 bx $ 12
New addition to the VTR! Die cut replacement vinyl hair ribbons for Princess Wildflower! These are the same scale and size as original, die cut for easy application. These stick excellent to vinyl heads with proper adhesion. You will not be disappointed. Free US Shipping #boxes
Captain Maddox Epaulet stickers Lot #9503 bx $ 36
VTR exclusive production Captain Maddox replacement epaulets stickers are here!!! Yes, most are gone these days, here are some for those Captains! Give him his rank! No need to cut these from the card. Why? These are die cut! That's right, just like the vintage. Die cut and ready to peel and stick. Vinyl stickers are professionally made and have excellent adhesion. Your captain is perfect with these, see pictures. If you tried our other versions, I urge you to buy a set of these. You will be pleased in the quality and color.Free upgraded 1st class Shipping included gives thick cardboard to protect them! Free US Shipping #boxes

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