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Jed Gibson Custom Lot #3199 th $ 118
Jed Gibson custom figure. The figure comes with CXR head and hands and a vintage steel blue Captain Maddox body. Comes with 13 accessories as shown all mixed reissue and CXR. Please see pictures of how beautiful this custom Jed Gibson figure looks.Perfect to fill that void for a Jed that looks vintage
Rocky Mountain Gear Chest! Lot #3200 th $ 139
The following is a Montogomery Wards exclusive 1970s issued rocky mountain gear chest! Have not had one this complete for over a decade! Comes with a huge assortment of accessories and the original instructions to boot most accessories are mint few have flaws. All items included shown on the instruction sheet plus others from the accessory groupings. This is one pretty rare set don't let it pass. The cavalry gear is black, the cowboy gear is brown. The Boone/buck frontier clothing is brown. Orig instux included. Box hinge intact and both handles!
Marshall Dean Lawman Custom Lot #3204 th $ 119
The following is a really nice custom Marshall Dean figure. Comes with 26/26 lawman accessories. White rubber vinyl and gray polyethylene look sweet together. This is a great custom for your collection comes with plastimarx reissue body and head.
Custom Red Ryder Cowboy Lot #3206 th $ 125
The following is a nice costume Red Ryder figure! The JW comes on a reissue brown body with 26/26 accessories. Includes a really nice set of red heavy vinyl accessories (some reissue accessores are more rubber in feel) and a full set of brown polyethylene accessories.
Sundown Kid Custom 1/6 scale !! Lot #3211 th $ 129
The following is a Custom Sundown Kid! The Sundown Kid comes with accessories shown mixed custom CXR and re-issue accessories. Comes with a total of nine accessories as shown. This is a real cool head sculpt I have had in my collection for many years made by Noah Coop. I like it because of the thick hair and hemakes a perfect sundown kid or Sundance kid outlaw cowboy figure.
Jamie West Lot #3219 th $ 77
Jamie West W/ Box, box is a C8, some wear and stains, figure is a C9+. comes with 11/12 accs, nice figure, chaps have a few flaws but on figure and orig instrux.
Deluxe Sam Cobra Edition! (SOLD) Lot #3229 th $ 0
Custom Boxed Sam Cobra! . The following is a custom made boxed Sam Cobra set! All new produced Red Box Art matching vintage box design comes with vintage Sam Cobra C8-C8+ minor shoulder crack like these seem to have with tight spring. Comes with Mexican reissue mixed soft and hard black accessories. What makes these special is they include vinyl holster, hat, safe, and neck tie! This is how these shoudl have been produced in the 1970s, There are limited numbers of these in vinyl! See pics! Included is a nice box with illustration art and equipment manual. Free Shipping included!
Jane West with Flame Boxed Combo! Lot #3231 th $ 168
The following is a Jane west combo with flame. The box is roughly a C8 has mild warpage and crushing missing a small portion of one flap. The set was made in 1971. The contents are really nice the Jane West is mint C9-C9+ near complete 35/36 accessories. She is only missing the lipstick. The horse has full tack note the horse does have some melt marks from the tack †being left on it in storage. †Otherwise it is really clean and not played with. Comes with original paperwork and insert. The †flame and Jane West †instructions are †there. Great set for upcoming holidays!
Zeb Zachary Lot #3240 th $ 289
Zeb Zachary W/ BOX! Box is a C8, Has some fading and wear, Figure is a C9, nice hair. Comes complete!!!22/22 accessories! ! Flawed bandana otherwise nice cavalry accessories. set comes with instrux copy. Great gift right here from 1967!
Custom Levi Nolan (SOLD) Lot #3252 th $ 0
This is a CXR Levi Nolan. The contents are all CXR issue, which includes an unused example of Levi Nolan the in the Smokey mountain molded in caramel tan cavalry style body with cream and brown vinyl, gold weapons group. ABout 17 accs included extra belt! A great set for the collection. Box included! See pics!
Custom Colonel Stewart Blue and Gray Custom Figure! Lot #3253 th $ 119
Boxed Blue and Gray Custom CXR Gray Cavalry figure set! Col Stewart is a perfect confederate figure, molded gray body.Comes with 20 accs mixed, CXR, reissue. Dark teal/gray gloves and scarf and some other gray accs included in the lot. Multiple pistols included. This is a nice array of accessories included in the set with a nice fresh blue and gray box to boot. The box is unmarked, no character assigned like some have.
General Custer Johnny West Adventure General's hat Blue Lot #3255 th $ 18
Rare Johnny West Adventue General Custers Dress Hat! This is Blue and was sold in the last issue General Custer figures issued in 1975. This one is mint and ready to complete your vintage set.
Josie West (JWA) (SOLD) Lot #3259 th $ 0
Johnny West Adventure Josie West C9-C9+ in JWA green! Nice figure. Comes in a C6-C7 box with missing top flap adn wear see pics! Set comes with HTF mixed salmon red and white JWA accessories, 11/13 accessories included. Even includes the very hard to find compact and watch! These were made in 1975.
Jane West Lot #3272 lg $ 120
Jane west with †the box , First issue ugly head version! box is in a C9 to C9+ condition the figure is also in a C9-C 9+ condition. †comes with 36/36 hard to find mustard colored accessories. Note one accessory is light cream. Comes with the original instructions and best of the west guide! See pics!! HTF Com, liptick, and compact in mustard cream!
josie Lot #3277 lg $ 29
Josie West loose no box, 12/13 accs.
Captain Maddox Lot #3286 th $ 174
Captain Maddox with Best of the West box. Box is a †c8+ split corner , fig c9+ very nice! The set comes with 22/22 accessories. Orig capt epaulets! See pictures! Also includes original instructions and poster guide.
General Custer Lot #3287 th $ 159
General Custer with Fort Apache fighters box. The box is a C8+ split corner , figure is a C9. Comes with 22/22 accessories note bandanna is flawed and holster also has a flawed hook. Comes with no instructions or guide but really nice set as you can see in the pictures!
Chief Cherokee Lot #3288 th $ 167
Chief Cherokee with Best of the West box. Box is a C8 overall has corner wear. The figure is a C9+. Comes with 36/36 mint accessories. Original instructions included. Very nice set for your collection.
Johnny West Lot #3290 th $ 173
Johnny West adventure Johnny West figure with JWA box! Non-quick draw version. Box comes in a C8 condition. Figure comes in C9 condition and comes complete with 28 out of 28 rare blue and brown mixed accessories. Copy of poster included. Original star set is still on the tree. Figure Has mint chaps. See pics of this beauty.
Sheriff Garrett Lot #3291 th $ 229
Sheriff Garrett with mod box. The box is a C9 , pretty good no rip corners nice color on box face. My favorite Garrett box. Figure is a C9-C9+. Note this is the harder to find steel blue figure. Comes with sealed silver accessories. Black accessories is open but has many still on the tree. Comes with original instructions. This is a sweet sheriff Garrett for your collection and my favorite color for him.
Johnny West (SOLD) Lot #3292 th $ 0
Johnny west with a Mod box. The box is a c9 pretty nice cover has nice corners. The figure is a C9-C9+ and comes with sealed accessories. Also includes original Johnny West instructions. If youíre looking for a mod box Johnny this is a great one that was produced in 1972 to 1973. Look no further !†The perfect gift!
Daniel Boone Lot #3294 th $ 223
Daniel Boone with the box the box is a C8+- C9, the figure is a C8 has repaired eyelets and shoulders. Comes with 26 out of 28 accessories missing the only the bullet mold pliers. The figure also comes with original instruction sheet. Not a bad vintage Daniel Boone for a collection! These are getting increasingly hard to fine due to the extreme fragile nature of the figure. Figure being sold as is and will be insured for shipping. Any international shipping will need shipping fees adjusted.
Sam Cobra Lot #3296 th $ 171
Sam cobra with the best of the West box. The box is a C7+- C8 has a corner damage on both the top and the bottom. Missing piece of one corner. Figures in C8+-C9. Comes with 25/25 Vintage Sam Cobra accessories. All accessories are intact and not broken even the holster. Also includes the original set of best of the west instructions. This is a nice example of a vintage set not a reissue!
Jimmy West (Has substituted RED vinyl accessories instead of tan/mauve) Lot #3297 th $ 146
Custom Jimmy west with nice Custom box! Real nice box customized with actual Maddox version of Jimmy west pictured. Comes complete with 24/24 accessories. Really nice hard to find RED colored accessories included but not shown in pictures.and dark brown standard Johnny West accessories. Comes with instructions copy. Real nice custom set for your collection this was a signed version of my first run of these custom sets, number six. See pictures of this nice set! The Rose colored vinyl is a pretty hard color to find and is made of nice quality materials!
Chief Cherokee Lot #3298 th $ 161
Chief Cherokee with box. Box is C8+-C9. Box has some fading but real nice corners. Decent box face. Figures a C9-C9+. Comes with 36/36 mint chief Cherokee accessories. Figure in real nice shape as are the accessories and some are still on the trees. Comes with original Chief Cherokee instructions. See pics!
Jay West Lot #3305 jp $ 80
Jay West with a C8 box has a stains, some side damage, little bit of corner wear. Figure C9-C9+. Comes with 12/12 accessories. Accessories are all minty includes mint chaps with mint tassels! Includes original instruction sheet.
Josie West Lot #3306 jp $ 120
Josie West mint in box. Comes with a C9-9+ box and a c9-9+ figure. Post 1970 figure comes with sealed accessories 13/13 accessories. Original instruction sheet included. Hard to find nicer !
Janice West Lot #3307 jp $ 120
Janice West mint in box. Comes with a C9-9+ box some creases with a c9-C9+ figure. Post 1970 figure comes with sealed accessories 13/13 accessories. Original instruction sheet included. Hard to find nicer !
Sheriff Garett Lot #3310 jp $ 140
Sheriff Garrett loose no box. C9 figure. Comes with Black and Silver accessories, Stars on tree. Consignment item, note spurs are flawed, †
Josie West (JWA) Lot #3311 th $ 69
Loose Johnny West Adventure (JWA) Josie West with three accessories, no cracks or breaks, C9 figure minor hair wear, Free US shippig

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