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Janice West Lot #2769 sb $ 44
C8, elbox split, no box, 11 accs, some are flawed, see pics, free US Shipping!
General Custer Lot #2771 sb $ 89
Loose, C8, 21/22 accs, few flawed or dirty, still nice lot of accs and a great vintage custer body, free US shipping!
Jane West Lot #2780 sb $ 54
Best of the west, box C7+, corner damage, tape, fig C9, has the usual white hair for this era set, 22 accs, includes a HTF compact! Free US Shipping!
General Custer Lot #2806 sb $ 35
1st issueC8 because of a stress crack on body, intact and displays great see pics, comes with 5 accs!
Mexican Lone Ranger and Tonto with Silver and Scout! Lot #2818 th $ 195
Here is a rare set of the Lone Ranger and Tonto with Silver and Scout! There are the smaller 7" Red cloud and Johnny Kolt figures! There are hard to find sets. Accessories are shown in the pics. The blue Lone Ranger kolt figure has red accessories, scabbard, horse tack and mask, and the Tonto / Red Cloud has white accessories and horse tack.This is an older one with realistic paint on horses.
Sir Stuart The silver Knight Lot #2852 sb $ 24
Figure only C8-C8+,
Jane West Lot #2860 sb $ 39
Revised version newer Barbie like head in a C8-C8+ condition, with 26/36 cream and brown accs! Ndonít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Jane west Lot #2861 sb $ 35
First version Ugly head in a C8 condition, with 17 cream and brown accs! Nice 1st issue lot, donít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Coloring Book - Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book! For the Kids! Lot #2868 th $ 18
Illustrated by Mykol Blackwell and authored by Terri Coop, The Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book!. This is a nice Best of the West Johnny West and friends coloring book! Lots of pages of coloring fun! 28 page book!
Action Jackson Navy 1103 Lot #2907 th $ 22
Action Jackson Navy 1103, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105 Lot #2908 th $ 22
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109 Lot #2909 th $ 19
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Scout Lone Ranger Series Tonto's Horse Lot #2935 th $ 109
Tonto's trusty Steed Scout W/box, box is C7+-C8 fading wear, horse is a C8+, has some melt marks. Complete full set of black tack, stand included as well. Nice horse for your Lone Ranger collection. Instructions in the box!
Sheriff Garrett Star Accs Lot #2967 th $ 15
One silver replacement star for Sheriff Garrett! Perfect to complete the set.
Unused runner of western Playset accessories Lot #2990 th $ 32
Set of Western accessories perfect for your Fort Apache Fighters Playset, or any other playset using these as props.
Big Jim talking backpack from Rescue Rig Lot #2993 th $ 34
Big Jim loose talking back pack from resue set, plays fine, pull string works great! HTF in working condition, strap has a split.
Custom molder Chuck Head in Indian Flesh unpainted Lot #3003 th $ 12
Replacement custom Chuck head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies. Comes unpainted in Indian Flesh color! Free US Shipping
Custom molder Chuck Head in African American Flesh unpainted hair color Lot #3004 th $ 12
Replacement custom Chuck head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies. Comes unpainted in African American flesh color! Free US Shipping
Levi Nolan Head Lot #3009 th $ 17
Replacement custom Levi Nolan head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies.
APOLLO 13 ASTRONAUT Lot #3011 en $ 39
Kenner Apollo 13 Astronaut 12" action figure Mint in perfect box! From 995.
Vintage 1960's Horikawa SH Astronaut Robot with automatic rotating action Comes with box that has a few minor tears, great vibrant color and a few creases. Color of robot is dark gun metal Brown.. Battery operated. NOTE: Robot does NOT work at all. Overall, very good condition. Manufactured in Japan. Measurements: Height: highest point is approx. 11 3/4 inches. Thank you for looking. The colors are mint and looks unused and am surprised it does not work, superclean battery comparment! May just need newer batteries or a little work to get motor moving.
Safari Adventure Elapahnt Lot #3033 th $ 89
Vintage old Store Stock Safari Adventure Elephant Sealed! MIB box never opened! # 2151MO, 1975 issued and pretty hard to find MIB.
Sam Cobra Lot #3050 th $ 142
Sam Cobra W/Box, box is a c8, MOD series red 1st issue box, has corner wear, Fig C9-C9+ NICE,14/25 vintage Cobra Accs, HOLSTER is intact, Has orig instrux, looks great for a collection and priced to snag. See pics, nice!
Mattel Barbie Horse Dancer Lot #3065 th $ 85
Vintage brown 1970 Mattel BARBIEíS HORSE DANCER! Box is a C9, Horse is a C9+. This was sold for Barbies back in the early 70s, Complete with base, horse and with tack. See pic for what is included. Free US shipping, please ask any questions you may have as I do not get these in stock all that often. Free US shipping!
Western Cavalry Duster coat! Lot #3078 th $ 16
Custom Duster Coat! Perfect for your Fort Apache Fighter or Best of the West Figure! See how cool this looks on a figure by checking out lot 3078 th.
The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru The Fort Apache Fighters Series 11x17 Poster!! Lot #3089 th $ 12
Module #4 Heroes of the wes Best of the West Fortapache Fighters Poster! 1964-1967! This poster is on heavy cover stock! Perfect for mounting!
Module 4 The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru Fort Apache Fighters Series! Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Lot #3090 th $ 49
This is our fourth Illustration guide to Marx Figures. Module No. 4 "The Beginning Heroes of the West Thru the Fort Apache Fighters Series". Over 97 pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the early issued U.S. Marx figures! This module far exceeds what the Encyclopedia delivered adding prototypes, test shots, retail catalogs, Sears combos, and so much more! A close look at vintage box art, and story around the great toy company launching the western and Fort Apache 1/6 scale figures. If you like the Encyclopedia, and Module #1, Module #2 and Module #3, you will love this new module! All Copies Numbered and signed up to the first 100! Cover is laminated to insure longevity! Check out the pictures! For a limited time, a 1964-1967 Western and FAF 1/17 Poster of figures will be included!
Lone Ranger, Tonto, Butch Cavendish! ALL three! Lot #3130 th $ 85
The following is a mega huge lone ranger a lot of THREE figures! What's included with the lot is a Tonto figure, a Lone Ranger figure, and a Butch Cavendish figure. The butch Cavendish comes with both pistols, hat, original no melts the Lone Ranger also comes with both of his pistols , hat with no mask and a Tonta still has the original headband; all boots and shoes there and figure the clothing is a little bit worn C8 overall for the entire lot they could use a little cleaning. Great strater set with free US shipping!
Sundown Kid Ready Gang Lot #3142 th $ 98
Boxed Ready Gang Sundown Kid comes complete C8 box! Loose cello. C9-C9+ figures comes complete with all accessories.
Thundercolt Lot #3167 th $ 39
Thundercolt with box, brown color. Horse is a C9 condition in the box is in a C7 condition. Box has staining on one side and the other side is in pretty good condition see pictures of the set.
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