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What Shall I be Game for Boys Lot #2567 mn $ 25
What Shall I be Game for Boys
Tryne Kwazy Quilt -Wackiest jig saw puzzle Lot #2571 mn $ 25
Tryne Kwazy Quilt -Wackiest jig saw puzzle with box, has corner wear, complete with all plastiuc puzzle pieces!
Rosko Battery Operated Bartender Lot #2572 mn $ 85
Rosko Bartender Battery Operated W/ Box, Box is in very good condition and has some wear, looks great! The bartender looks pretty clean, better than others I have seen and works great. He mixes drinks and even has the moth movement, I dont see any smoke out of his ears, however all other moving parts look great. The item looks great for display, better than others I have seen listed. Perfect for those that collect the Rosko battery operated toys.
Mexico reissued large figure Quick Draw (QD) right hand for Cobra or JW Lot #2640 th $ 10
Right quickdraw (QD) hand has the hole for pistol peg, perfect for your JWA Cobra or Johnny West
Thundercolt Lot #2665 bf $ 32
Loose, C9, brown Thundercolt, looks great for display! Free US shipping!
GI Joe Canadian Mountie Hat Lot #2705 th $ 19
GI Joe Canadian Mountie Hat, Hong Kong labeled, hat only as shown. Nice condition, no breaks or chips
Jamie or Jay West Chaps! Lot #2709 th $ 24
Mint set of Jamie or Jay West chaps! Mint straps and buckle, all tassels!
Sergeant Baker or Sgt Starr Accessories! Lot #2717 th $ 45
Mint set of 10 (full set) of Sgt baker or Sgt starr accessories! These are made of OD color poly-ethylene. These look great and are vintage made of the 6,5-7 inch military figures
Black Knight Plastimarx (Figure only) Lot #2730 th $ 19
Loose figure never played with stock, figure only with no hands, head and body as shown. Great for custom projects!
Odin or Erik the Viking vinyl accessories Sealed! Lot #2734 th $ 15
Sealed set of white Plastimarx Reissued vinyl accessories for Erik or Odin the Viking, never opened or never used. Perfect for your custom Viking or vintage replacements in nice soft vinyl! Free US Shipping!
Josie West Lot #2768 sb $ 45
W box, BOTW Box, C8, Fig C9, 7 accs
Janice West Lot #2769 sb $ 44
C8, elbox split, no box, 11 accs, some are flawed, see pics, free US Shipping!
General Custer Lot #2771 sb $ 89
Loose, C8, 21/22 accs, few flawed or dirty, still nice lot of accs and a great vintage custer body, free US shipping!
Jay/Jamie accs, HTF Peach Vest! Lot #2776 sb $ 23
HTF peach Canadian Vest, Mixed hats, other accs, few are flawed, see pics!
Geronimo Lot #2777 sb $ 115
FAF Geronimo, C8- box, has tape and is worn, C8+ fig, Decent first issue figure, 30/37 accs, few have flaws.
Jane West Lot #2780 sb $ 54
Best of the west, box C7+, corner damage, tape, fig C9, has the usual white hair for this era set, 22 accs, includes a HTF compact! Free US Shipping!
Jane West Lot #2781 sb $ 89
Early issue Vargas Box, C7, has tape on it, wear, post 1970 Fig C9, really clean, 36/36 accs, sealed vinyl, orig instrux, The box does not do justice to this figure with her sealed vinyl accessories! This is a great set for the contents alone!
Mattel Mork and Mindy doll Lot #2816 th $ 59
This is a pristine kept example of Mattel's Mork from the Mork and Mindy TV show.If you like Robin Williams memorabilia this is for you! It is minty fresh and was well taken care of. The box is a C8+ -C9 overall, figure is a C9+.
Mexican Lone Ranger and Tonto with Silver and Scout! Lot #2818 th $ 195
Here is a rare set of the Lone Ranger and Tonto with Silver and Scout! There are the smaller 7" Red cloud and Johnny Kolt figures! There are hard to find sets. Accessories are shown in the pics. The blue Lone Ranger kolt figure has red accessories, scabbard, horse tack and mask, and the Tonto / Red Cloud has white accessories and horse tack.This is an older one with realistic paint on horses.
Jane West Lot #2827 th $ 175
Jane West W/ Box!, Best of the West Box, C8+-C9, fig is a C9, clean, comes with 36/36 minty SEALED vintage accessories, orig instrux! And Color guide! Great displaying Jane and a Best of they West series box for your collection!
Sir Stuart The silver Knight Lot #2852 sb $ 24
Figure only C8-C8+,
Jane West Lot #2860 sb $ 39
Revised version newer Barbie like head in a C8-C8+ condition, with 26/36 cream and brown accs! Ndonít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Jane west Lot #2861 sb $ 35
First version Ugly head in a C8 condition, with 17 cream and brown accs! Nice 1st issue lot, donít forget free US shipping!Looks great!
Coloring Book - Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book! For the Kids! Lot #2868 mb $ 18
Illustrated by Mykol Blackwell and authored by Terri Coop, The Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book!. This is a nice Best of the West Johnny West and friends coloring book! Lots of pages of coloring fun! 28 page book!
Little Bear The Lone Ranger Series Lot #2889 th $ 76
Lone Ranger Little Bear Comes with Clothing and eagle as show. Figure is in really nice shape minor hair wear, C8+-C9! I have not had an extra one of these for 10 years!
Red Sleeves Lot #2892 th $ 69
Loose Red Sleeves from the Lone Ranger series, fig is NICE, C9, Comes with complete clothing from alternate accessory set, see pics of the figure and what you get.
Action Jackson Navy 1103 Lot #2907 th $ 22
Action Jackson Navy 1103, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105 Lot #2908 th $ 22
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109 Lot #2909 th $ 19
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson Karate Kungfu Lot #2912 th $ 19
Action Jackson Karate Kungfu, MIB never opened. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
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