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Unused runner of western Playset accessories Lot #2990 th $ 32
Set of Western accessories perfect for your Fort Apache Fighters Playset, or any other playset using these as props.
Big Jim talking backpack from Rescue Rig Lot #2993 th $ 34
Big Jim loose talking back pack from resue set, plays fine, pull string works great! HTF in working condition, strap has a split.
Custom James West / Captain Maddox Vintage Head unpainted hair color Lot #2995 th $ 20
Custom repainted vintage head for you custom project! Hair can be painted by request furan additional $5! See pics of the clean slate you get for your Dangerous Dan, Captain Maddox, Jimmy West, or of course James West!!!! Robert Conrad likeness is spot on! Free US Shipping
Big Jim Complete Warm up suit! Lot #2999 th $ 16
Big Jim Warm Up outfit! C9, comes with a Accs shown, clothes, sneakers, socks, See pics of this cool retro green outfit in nice shape!
Custom molder Chuck Head in Indian Flesh unpainted Lot #3003 th $ 12
Replacement custom Chuck head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies. Comes unpainted in Indian Flesh color! Free US Shipping
Custom molder Chuck Head in African American Flesh unpainted hair color Lot #3004 th $ 12
Replacement custom Chuck head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies. Comes unpainted in African American flesh color! Free US Shipping
Levi Nolan Head Lot #3009 th $ 17
Replacement custom Levi Nolan head for your custom! These are CXR made, and look great! Can be used with vintage bodies.
Western Cavalry Duster coat! Lot #3078 th $ 16
Custom Duster Coat! Perfect for your Fort Apache Fighter or Best of the West Figure! See how cool this looks on a figure by checking out lot 3078 th.
Rocky Mountain Gear Chest! Lot #3200 th $ 139
The following is a Montogomery Wards exclusive 1970s issued rocky mountain gear chest! Have not had one this complete for over a decade! Comes with a huge assortment of accessories and the original instructions to boot most accessories are mint few have flaws. All items included shown on the instruction sheet plus others from the accessory groupings. This is one pretty rare set don't let it pass. The cavalry gear is black, the cowboy gear is brown. The Boone/buck frontier clothing is brown. Orig instux included. Box hinge intact and both handles!
Red Cavalry Gear Lot #3242 th $ 44
Full set of vinyl cavalry gear molded in red! Odd vaient color from Mexico! Nice!
Blue Cavalry Gear Lot #3243 th $ 48
Full set of vinyl cavalry gear molded in blue! Odd vaient color from Mexico! Nice!
Josie West White Vest Lot #3263 th $ 9
Rare Johnny West Adventue General Josie or Janice West white vest! Sold in the last issue figures issued in 1975. This one is mint and ready to complete your vintage set. Free shipping in the US
CXR Double Barrel Shotgun! (Brown) Lot #3264 th $ 11
CXR 1/6 scale double barrell shotgun! Perfect fo your customization of sets! This was never part of Marx produced sets but sure is needed for your outlaws ! Here is the chance to get it now. This one is in brown.
Thunderbolt Tack Sealed unused in butterscotch tan! Lot #8002 acx $ 49
Sealed set of Western tack for Thunderbolt, Flame, Storm Cloud, Comanche or any other Marx horse! Color is a rich butterscotch tan and looks sharp! Made of nice vinyl like vintage tack!
Princess Wildflower Hair Ribbons Lot #9502 bx $ 12
New addition to the VTR! Die cut replacement vinyl hair ribbons for Princess Wildflower! These are the same scale and size as original, die cut for easy application. These stick excellent to vinyl heads with proper adhesion. You will not be disappointed. Free US Shipping #boxes
Captain Maddox Epaulet stickers Lot #9503 bx $ 36
VTR exclusive production Captain Maddox replacement epaulets stickers are here!!! Yes, most are gone these days, here are some for those Captains! Give him his rank! No need to cut these from the card. Why? These are die cut! That's right, just like the vintage. Die cut and ready to peel and stick. Vinyl stickers are professionally made and have excellent adhesion. Your captain is perfect with these, see pictures. If you tried our other versions, I urge you to buy a set of these. You will be pleased in the quality and color.Free upgraded 1st class Shipping included gives thick cardboard to protect them! Free US Shipping #boxes
Huffy Label Lot #9510 bx $ 18
Replacement decal for vintage huffy muscle bikes or custom restoration project. We were the FIRST to offer this decal! Accept no substitutes! Our decals are top notch, read the feedback! They also come die cut, ready for strong application with the best of inks and material. This is the primary seat post decal you see on late 60's bikes, it is usually ripped, faded and or torn when you find them today on bikes. This is great for restoration projects on your 3 and 5 speed's, rail, slingshot, wheel, dragster, or many other Huffy, Grants, and Sears bikes sold from that era. It is made of vinyl, with nice adhesive backing, pre split for installation. The label even has the correct clear and spacing around the sections. The colors resist water and weather, it is not some lame ink jet sticker. Free US Shipping

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