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Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures Lot #1002 th $ 59
This is the book that started it all! Everything you wanted to know about Marx action figures. From Johnny West to The Lone Ranger, it covers it all!! All books are author signed. Be sure to visit the Encyclopedia link for more information. Check out the New Expansion packs! The Modules; #1-#3! You will want those too!
Jane West Hands Lot #1633 th $ 13
Mint Jane west hands for Jane West! These also fit the Girl from UNCLE figures, Free shipping! Look no further, these will also fit the kids as a substitute!
VINTAGE Right hands Lot #1634 th $ 9
Vintage replacement hands for 12" figures, RIGHT ONLY. See other listing for the pairs. We have more rights in stock, these were unused old factory stock hands, FREE US shipping included which runs $2-3
Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Module 2 Back in stock! Lot #1843 th $ 35
Module #2 The Best of the West Series! 42 plus Pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the series. Includes a close look at some test shots and colors never used for production. If you like the Encyclopedia, Module $3, and Module #1, you will love this new module! All Copies signed! Check out the pictures! A 3D Poster and Glasses is included as a bonus while supplies last!
Best of The West Johnny West Poster, in 3D!!!!!!! Lot #1844 th $ 10
New 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West 3D Poster! Includes a pair of 3D glasses for viewing! Want to see these figures in lifelike 3D Imagery, pick up a poster now! If you like Viewmaster items, our new 3Dtoyroom pictures are for you! This is the first of our offerings in 3D Toy pictures.
Jane West Lot #1950 th $ 25
Jane West loose, 2nd issue head, C7+-C8, some playwear, hair wear. Comes with Vest skirt, hat. Bottom bargain figure, fee US shipping! (I have a few at this price)
Hubert Humphrey President statue Lot #1955 th $ 49
Sealed original 55mm president figure. MINT in sealed bag. This would have been a real president figure for the set, however as we no he lost the election. Marx made a bunch of these and never could market the item. I need piece of Marx history!
Clothing for Archie or jughead Lot #2016 th $ 45
Archies Mint C9-C9+ Archie or Jughead figure outfit on card! A nice outfit for your collection
Clothing for Archie or jughead Lot #2017 th $ 45
Archies Mint C9-C9+ Archie or Jughead figure outfit on card! A nice outfit for your collection
Clothing for Archie or jughead Lot #2018 th $ 45
Archies Mint C9-C9+ Archie or Jughead figure outfit on card! A nice outfit for your collection
Clothing for Archie or jughead Lot #2019 th $ 45
Archies Mint C9-C9+ Archie or Jughead figure outfit on card! A nice outfit for your collection
Mattel Mork and Mindy doll Lot #2054 th $ 46
This is a pristine kept example of Mindy from the Mork and Mindy TV show. I purchased this from the original owner, it was well taken care of. The box is a C8 overall, figure is a C9.
Matchbox Bus Lot #2075 th $ 22
Matchbox Die Cast Superfast American Airlines Bus with box! MB65 Bus, See Pictures, in C8+-C9 shape overall
Hot Wheels Lot #2110 th $ 25
Hot Wheels, commemorative Die Cast Classic Chevy Nomad Car, #5743. Reissue of the vintage set, well done item.
Lone Ranger Series Red Sleeves Lot #2257 th $ 62
Loose Red Sleeves from the Lone Ranger series, fig is NICE, C9, Comes with complete clothing, see pics of the figure and what you get. They are pretty HTF, see what you get with this figure!
Johnny West MOD colours 11x17 Canadian Color Best of The West Poster!! Lot #2303 th $ 10
Our 2010 poster, 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West Canadian MOD Colours Poster! If you want a poster of your favorite Canadian Marx figures this is for you!
Safari Adventure Lion ($OLD) Lot #2304 th $ 0
Lion, no box from the Safari Adventure series! Item is a C9+, no playwear, looks great on display!
Josie West Lot #2377 th $ 45
Josie West, no box, figure is a C9-C9+, comes with 11/12 accs! Looks great see pics! Free Shipping in the US!!!
Tonto from the Lone Ranger Series Lot #2382 th $ 45
Tonto, no box, from the Lone Ranger series, fig is C8-C8+, painted pistols, decent shape, see pics of the figure and what you get.
Whip (Buckboard, Covered Wagon) Lot #2387 th $ 25
Mint old store stock vintage whip! These are used in the buckboards and covered wagons for the Marx figure line. These are never used from a previous warehouse find! Look no further for a mint whip!
Jane West Lot #2392 th $ 119
Jane West, C7-C8 Box, C9-C9+ Old 1st head (Ugly Head as collectors say) Figure! Comes with 31/36 accessories, rare MUSTARD accessories, harder to find, orig instrux to boot! Nice!
Sir Gordon The Gold Knight Lot #2399 th $ 75
Sir Gordon The Gold Knight, No box, Fig is a C8-C8+, comes with full 28/28 pieces of armor, few tabs flawed, plus weapons and helmets, 44/56 accs total! Great display knight, and vintage to boot! Free US Shipping!!!
Sir Stuart the Silver Knight Lot #2411 th $ 29
Sir Stuart The Silver Knight, No box, Fig is a C8+-C9, Figure only! Free US Shipping!!!
Buddy Charlie / All American Fighter Dog Tags! Lot #2429 th $ 21
Mint set of Dog Tags! Comes with tag, paper Hong Kong label, and chain. It is very hard to find these with the HK label intact. These are recently acquired old unused inventory stock! Nice!
Josie West Lot #2465 JL $ 29
Loose, with accs as shown, Free US Shipping!
Mike Hazard Lot #2506 th $ 10
Mike Hazard face mask disguise and Mustache w/ glasses disguise from the Mike Hazard sets. These are vintage and made of vinyl, they are not recasts. Free US shipping!
Zorro and Tornado Whip! Lot #2507 th $ 12
The following is a whip from Zorro and Tornado Marx sets. The whip is silver soft poly plastic, in nice shape, soft, not brittle, perfect for completed your Zorro set.
Playset Boat / Whistle Lot #2510 th $ 10
Yellow boat accessory for Marx playset, I heard it was a life boat belonging to larger boat, it is a whistle as well that actually works, See pic of this cool accessory!
Cavalry Neckerchief Bandana Lot #2526 th $ 4
Flawed bandana, missing a nob, can be turned to show the long side to hide the flaw. This is a vintage bandana / neckerchief for Zeb Zachary, Captain Maddox, General Custer, or and of your cavaly or western heroes. (free shipping in the US when total combined order is $10)
Sir Gordon The Gold Knight Lot #2529 th $ 149
Sir Gordon the Gold Knight W/ Box!, Box is a C8-C8+, some wear on it, Fig is a C9, nice set with 46/56 accs! all vintage parts(few flawed). Figure has full armour and displays excellent. Great vintage gold knight for your collection. See pics of this medieval warrior.
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