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Hubert Humphrey President statue Lot #1955 th $ 49
Sealed original 55mm president figure. MINT in sealed bag. This would have been a real president figure for the set, however as we no he lost the election. Marx made a bunch of these and never could market the item. I need piece of Marx history!
Zorro and Tornado Whip! Lot #2507 th $ 12
The following is a whip from Zorro and Tornado Marx sets. The whip is silver soft poly plastic, in nice shape, soft, not brittle, perfect for completed your Zorro set.
Playset Boat / Whistle Lot #2510 th $ 10
Yellow boat accessory for Marx playset, I heard it was a life boat belonging to larger boat, it is a whistle as well that actually works, See pic of this cool accessory!
Sergeant Baker or Sgt Starr Accessories! Lot #2717 th $ 45
Mint set of 10 (full set) of Sgt baker or Sgt starr accessories! These are made of OD color poly-ethylene. These look great and are vintage made of the 6,5-7 inch military figures
Dusty Slade Lot #2895 th $ 39
Loose Mexican issued Dusty Slade in Blue, also marketed as Lone Ranger, fully intact and is a C9 overall. Comes with 9 white accs, FREE US shipping!
Action Jackson Navy 1103 Lot #2907 th $ 22
Action Jackson Navy 1103, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105 Lot #2908 th $ 22
Action Jackson SKI Patrol 1105, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109 Lot #2909 th $ 19
Action Jackson Scramble Cyclists 1109, MIB never opened, Nice. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Action Jackson Karate Kungfu Lot #2912 th $ 19
Action Jackson Karate Kungfu, MIB never opened. Bundle multiple sets for discount!
Unused runner of western Playset accessories Lot #2990 th $ 32
Set of Western accessories perfect for your Fort Apache Fighters Playset, or any other playset using these as props.
Set of mint green Monster figures! Marx 6 inch figures! Lot #3091 th $ 59
Marx 6" set of monsters Plastimarx; this full set in mint green color . Here is a chance to get a set of re-issue monster figures at a fraction of the price of mint vintage! Free US Shipping
Indian Brave / Wester Trotting horse Lot #3213 th $ 39
Trotting Indian Horse only. C8+-C9 pretty clean horse minor to no melt marks. This is made for smaller scale 6-7 " figures. This will work for the Johnny Colt, Dusty Slade or Chief Red Cloud figures

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