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Marx Customs! These are The Best of VTR's Customs

flockbuffHello Marx fans here it is, my custom section...I know, It has been non appearing for a few years, but hey, here it is. This is roughly the items I came accross and either still own or have sold in the past 6 years. Some were rather simple, some took great work. I tried to give descriptions by each variation so you would know what it is or was. Enjoy! The link will take you to a full Picture of the item. The item to the left is the Custom flocked BOTW buffalo. Marx did a few production versions, this is a VTR mockup.

  • Click on any of the images to see a LARGER picture, and in most cases as more detailed imaged of content!
  • To order: Customs are not readily available. I may require pre-payment on the item. They involve a great deal of effort and work by several, not just the VTR. Call 585-227-9533 to confirm I can still get them!! SEE FORSALE LIST! for what we physically have available in stock. These pictures are dated!!
  • Please Click the Shop More! link for Payment, VISA / Paypal, or Item availability. Some are no longer in Stock. As a precaution, Check the shopping database, email or call to confirm. Items like books are always in stock, Many items are one of a kind and may sell out without notice. The database is not always updated in real time. -VTR
The Vintage Toy Room Customs

Ok let's talk about the flocked items. The first one pictured is known as "The Ranch Hand". The story goes Marx originally made a few of these as test samples. Francis Turner graciously allowed me to photograph his real one for my book. Pick up my encyclopedia to see that beauty. This is the VTR's custom version of it. Figure #2, The Garrett. This is also a simulation of yet another Turner collection piece. My book features it as well. The third figure is a modified Zeb Zachary. VTR invented this one. We had a botched up Zeb head, so here is what we had done. Keep in mind the head was originally meant for Jesse James, so so think of it as a Bearded Jesse! The buffalo at the top, is a VTR version of the production piece. The production versions are of poorer quality than ours. I seen one at a toy show years ago, I think Turner had that one as well.

ranch1 fuzzgar1 fuzzzeb1
murdock2 murdock1

This grouping features our cavalry customs! Many of these heads, as noted, came from a good friend of mine, Noah Coop(see links section). Since I met him about 7-8 years ago, he has been in the custom sculpting business. He continues most if not all of these and plenty more customs today. To the left is Captain Murdock. He is cast out of resin, has a modified or added beard, not just paint. Figure to the right is our version of General Grant. One pic shows him with brown hair, the second has him with a gray/salty mix. Peronally I like the older gray haired version, great addition to a cavalry team of Marx figures! Both of these head Customs were part of Noah's early work from that time period.

grant1 grant2
These figures feature more full cast resin heads. The figure on the left is our version of "Ivan the Pioneer"(yet another Noah Custom head). It is a Johnny West head with full beard added. looks like the Lone Ranger "Mysterious prospector" in some ways. Figure to the right is "Jacob West, also called the Rifleman".This was our favorite resin head. Looks very unique. Whom is he? see if you can guess. It has been re-worked by Noah, can you tell? See if you can figure it out. Very cool figure as a custom! Noah did a fantastic job on these, and continues to do work. We are proud to carry Noah's products. jacob2

stony1 stony2 jw1

This gets us to a new area of cutoms. These are all Nude style GI Joe or Buddy Charlie All American Fighter bodies. The heads are all resin, most are pretty easy to tell. Figure one, top left 3 pics are a Stony Smith on a fully clothed body. Stony was never sold this way, only Buddy's / AAF's were.

Figure #2, top left 3 images are a Clothed version of Johnny West! Yes if Marx only did this to go with GI Joes, who knows what they could have done. Think of all the 21st Century toys out there today? The far right picture shows cowboy boots for JW molded in detailed resin by Polo Moreno.

The middle Left Figure #3 image also shows work of Polo. It is a Navajo code talker. What head id this? Yes another Marx head with some hefty resculpting done...Hmmmmmm? Post what you think on the boards? Hint? He was cleaned up for the military;)

Lastly the head on the bottom left is a Mike Hazard head. Looks a lot like a Man From UNCLE Illya Kuryakin ( David McCallum ) figure. I think Gilbert did a version back in the 60's dressed in black. The head(s) are virtually undetailed at this point, someday I will clean them up.

navajo1 navajo2


Figure to the right is our version of "PVT Gibson", another Noah Head. Yes Jed was also a vetran of WWII. very cool version of Stony, another possibilty for Marx to do an action figure of something different with old supplies and molds. What possibilities with some ambition and creativity.

jedstone2 jedstone1 jedstone1
bkhead1 bkhead2 bkhead3

Short and sweet, these are just VTR painted Cobra heads. They are painted to match the U.K. Stencil of the the Black Knight's Beard, Sir Cedric. You can see our further custom to the right. It is a pretty close to original version of the Indian flesh U.K. Sir Cedric. See more details about this one in or forsale and reissue pages. We have these in stock! They are a great reissue for a fair price. See details now! (MORE)

cust bk
jameswest1 josey1

Next we Have TV Characters. 1st Figure of course is James west. The Original intent for the Maddox Head and Cobra Body, see book for details. The Second image is a Josey wales Captain Action Mask. JW Body. To the right is The man himself Dirty Harry! This is also a Mask, Very cool figure indeed. Wes from Classic Plastic did a great job on these Clint Eastwood Likeness sculpts. You will see more of Wes's work in my WWII section.

harry1 harry2



Lastly we have here a Testshot Stony! Yes you seen it here first(well it was first), This was a Mexi sample of what might have beed the tan Stony Reissue. Never before have we seen a BENDABLE legged Stony molded in this shade of Khaki Tan! Looks pretty cool to me, what do you think? Perhaps Marx could sell just the figures? Rumor has it all the molds are not present for the accessories. If that is the case perhaps they would do the figure only?

Followup, Nov 2004! Well, More of these and others surfaced this year. As many of you have now seen, there are 2 shades of tan, and a Black (or really Dark Green. More on the Dark one later. These will be listed soon on the VTR for sale. Here is a Pic of the tan colors. Some call it light tan and Peanut butter. They are both lighter than JW tan. Click on the image below to see a large pic for color comparisons.

Tom, -VTR

Reissue Stony "Desert Patrol"

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