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Welcome to our new terms section! Hopefully these the tabs below to the left will guide you through the process or answer many questions - Tom, VTR


  • PLEASE NOTE! All items for sale are in the shopping sections, right navigation links or search links. The reference, history or articles are not necessarily in stock, please email if you see something we may have one or can get one!
  • The first step is to search, find items you are interested in, and add them to your cart. Note, most lot numbers are one of a kind toys, I can try to find another or a free upgrade if the exact one has sold.
  • Prepare for checkout; Click "purchase" to buy items, and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation Email. I will email you if there are any issues with the items you want.
  • Feel free to pay with Paypal right away. Again, I can refund any Paypal dollars if there are any issues with ityems being out of stock.
  • Note, if you want to wait and pay whe i confirm, that is fine. I will email and confirm we have the items and diret you to Paypal.
  • Note Paypal will be an option after you send the order form. This allows a seemless purchase. many prefer to do this option to speed up the process. Many times I can ship the next day.
  • Look for a confirmation email from me personally on shipping status. I try to send these most of the time.
  • Thanks for your understanding.
  • If you have any other specifics you would like to know or have any doubts, call me..... 585-227-9533 7-11 pm east time...You never know unless you ask. Tom- VTR


  • PLEASE NOTE! All Auction purchased items are subject to fees based on the auction listing. Free Shipping only applies to items purchased on the Vintage Toy Room Site directly! Any doubts, call!
  • Items shipped for free on auction sites will be noted as such.
  • I ship most items 3-day Priority, insured. Shipping is and always has been FREE at the Vintage Toy Room for US addresses! that's right, free US shipping for items on this website. What other sites make it this easy?
  • In some cases we reserve the right to ship parcel post or 1st class. If you have any doubt, please ask!
  • International shipping is typically expensive. Expect fees of at least $25 per order, an average UK package costs $35. An exact price can be provided at the time of sale.
  • Please EMAIL me when you send payment. Include your:Name, Address, Phone Number.
  • I will do the same when I receive and ship. Email when you receive items to verify the arrived in a safe / timely manner. Do not wait. If I don't hear from you one week after the order, I assume all is well.
  • Visa or MC through the Papal links is the quickest. links are found on t he home page and in the cart system
  • Postal MO is good too. I ship items when I cash MO, Bank MO's can, and personal checks DO take a LOOONNNGGG time to process, my bank is terrible!
  • I typically ship on Monday and Wednesday's.
  • If you have any other specifics you would like to know or have any doubts, call me..... 585-227-9533 7-11 pm east time...You never know unless you ask. Tom- VTR


Keep in mind...the flaws can vary, many of one flaw or or one of several flaws adds to the same rating..

 Figure Boxes:

  • C10- NO, None, Zip.. wear on any edges, corners, Faces, top etc., no creases, strong color with no fading (I have had very few C10's, though many claim to be selling them?...)
  • C9- Very slight wear to edges, flaws if you look close, no tears, no shelf wear, otherwise mint. (your doing well with this box..)
  • C8- Very nice Box, little edge wear, maybe small tears from tape on edges, shelf wear.
  • C7- Edge wear, slight tears, fade on parts of box, might have a stain, warpage may be starting.
  • C6- wear, might have good picture visible, might have cracked corners, warpage, tears, (subjective on quantity of flaws)
  • C5- Contains many to all flaws mentioned in C6 rating.
  • C4- Picture is poor, may be crushed or missing pieces of box.
  • C3- Incomplete box, some value to still having it, very poor..
  • C2- Pieces...
    C1- Un- usable in any way.


  • C10- I usually never give this rating. A sealed fig, w/ sealed acc might earn this rating. (it takes a perfect factory sample..)
  • C9- Mint figure, has gloss, ridges inside joints, good tight springs, virtually no hair wear, or scuffs. (Typical of what a nice boxed figure would be like or a well maintained loose piece)
  • C8- some visible wear, some scratches, some shine, joints still good, displays great!.
  • C7- No more sharpness, played with, hair wear, no shine, may have loose joints and scratches or marks, might have stress cracks, paint missing on rivets. displays ok.
  • C6- Heavy play wear, loose joints, heavy paint wear, might have stress cracks on top of play wear, marks etc.
  • C5- Heavy scuffs, loose joints, repainted, cracks, extreme wear, displayable from a distance only, repairs made.
  • C4- Many Faults, non displayable, needs attention.
  • C3- Faults, missing body parts, contains cracks and or heavy scratches
  • C2- Unassembled, broke, pieces, grave yard accessories.
  • C1- Hunk of plastic, garbage , weld material for repairing...

Figure Accessories:

  • C10- Sealed in bags on the sprues
  • C9- Mint on or off sprues, oily new residue, mint not broken.
  • C8- Average condition, may have FLAWED noted on some part of accessory. Repairs may have been noted.
  • C7- Worn, or broken, repaired.
  • C6- Heavy wear, broken.
  • C5-C1- Graveyard of accessories...I have many-


Copyright 1997-2011, The Vintage Toy Room,, all rights reserved. Trademarks used on this site are the property of their respective owners, and are offered for product identification purposes only. The Vintage Toy Room is not directly affiliated with Marx Toys or any company whose products are discussed or displayed on this site.
Contact and pmt Info! If you are not paying with Papal, Please send a postal MO to the following address and have it made out to:
  • "Tom Heaton"
  • PO Box 26901
  • Rochester, N. Y. 14626
  • Phone- 585-227-9533, 7-11pm est standard time!
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