Current feature: A Christmas in 1968! Remembering the 308 Parking Garage, then 1968, and now 2011!
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Here is a story I thought I would share with everyone as we close the year. During the holidays in 2011, I stumbled on this photo. First I wondered, what was the deal with that Christmas tree? Was it my neighbors shrub? Did dad chop off the top? Thaat is my brother, he probably has that Zeb Zachary hidden from my hands ;) Then I looked close in the photo for my toys. I wondered what was in that box in my hands? Was it a playset? Was it a wind-up? A truck? After I examined further, I noticed a "308" on the box. Click the pic to the right!

43 years later, I opened one at Christmas once again in 2011. Here are some photos and details on this recent toy aquisition at The Vintage Toy Room!

As you click and look at the old beat-up stained snapshot, you can see details. First I noticed that playset? What is it? Anyone know what playset has the hut towers? Jungle Set? Daktari? Pioneer set? Fort Cheyanne? Hmmm. Well moving on, you can see the the 308 on the box in my hands. What was it? Well it was a garage set produced in Germany, sold in Canada and probably the U.S. It was from the 1960's and It had a mix of tin and vacuform plastic. It came with three little mtal / tin cars. The wind-up elevator even works. Pictures are below. Please let me know what that playset is! Enjoy the pictures of this offshoot tin toy that was sold to compete with matchbox and hotwheels. It is possible it is an earlier 60s toy that was left on the shelf at a small toy store in Kingston. We use to vist family there back in the Mid to late 60s.



Box Cover
The Station (Did this get smaller?)
The Tiny little Cars


Top View Station
The minty station
The Cars


Mysterious Fort, Please email me if you can identify it!

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