Current feature: Sindy Horses, by Pedigree! or was it marx? What is this odd Marx looking horse with hair?

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In the 1960's thru the 1980's Pedigree produced horses, carriages, and figures for their Sindy doll line. Marx toys oddly used their name on some of these; Black Beauty, as well as A Sindy version of Comanche They came complete with accessories. What many do not know is Pedigree continued to use The sculpt of Thunderbolt in a modified form for these wagons, carriages, and riding horses. Pedigree horses had real hair for the main and tail, yet had the same body as we all know as Thunderbolt.

Sindy was first introduced in 1962 by Pedigree Toys in Kent England. Pedigree produced manyitems for Sindy's world including furniture, clothes, cars, houses, horsetrailers and horses.

Between 1978 and 1981 Louis Marx was liscensed to distribute Sindy in America. Almost all of the Sindy items sold by Marx were drawn from the British product lines of 1977 and 1978. Marx's horses for Sindy were NOT cut from the Pedigree mold, but rather from their "JOHNNY WEST" line of toys (Top left and right photos). These horses did not have hair on their main and tails. They were sold with the English bridle and saddle set designed byPedigree.

In 1981, Marx stopped distributing Sindy in the USA. In 1981 WESCO took over the distribution of Sindy. Wesco produced a "Western World" Sindy and Buckskin colored Western horse in 1982, and a grey Dapple horse with buggy (or "Gig") in the UK in 1983. There were numerous other horses and foals made by PEDIGREE for Sindy including a pony called "PIXIE" for Sindy's little sister, Patch.

In 1982, WESCO also produced a Sindy doll for McDonald's in the USA that came dressed in a McDonald's uniform. This Sindy which is very rare today, did not come boxed, but sealed in a plastic bag. These dolls were intended for convention attendees, but something went amiss and none were deliveredin time for the convention. The shipment of dolls sat in a Florida warehouse until 1985, where they were finally discovered and sold to collectors.

In 1987 HASBRO bought the rights to produce Sindy. They gave her a "makeover" and Sindy no longer resembled the vintage doll that PEDIGREE or MARX had produced. She now had a smaller head and a new body. This Sindy was produced until 1993, then was slowly removed from sales due to the legal battle between HASBRO and MATTEL over the close resemblance between Sindy and Barbie.

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