This current feature: Kenner (General Mills) SSP Smash Up Derby Set
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This is a set like you have never or seldom have seen on any forsale ads or ebay! The Beetle Bug and the Truck have NEVER been opened and are still sealed in shrink wrap! This is the only set I have seen with the cars sealed in plastic. You can see how mint they are through the clear plastic, they are pristeen for sure. The Decals have never been used, however from age they are coming loose from the card due to the adhesive drying up. The instrux are present, as are the SSP guides to other SSP sets. Both Tee's are mint unused, and the Ramps are mint. The Box is a French version, Canada I presume, dated 1973, C8 overall. The inserts are also still present, something else I seldom see in these sets inserts. See Pictures below. They say it all. If you want a NEW never used set, here it is. Re-live the fun of and imagine opening a 1973 issued classic SSP Smash up Derby set! This pristeen version of the set sold for $279.00 on an online ebay auction. The VTR has never seen another SSP set like this.

The images below show an opened set. The cars are BOTH sonic versions, make cool "sonic sound". Includes the VW Bug, and the Pic Up. The ramps are shown as are the T's. All pieces to the cars are present and in great working order. some decals are still present as well. This is a fun set. Box dated 1974, This opened set sold for ~ $115.00 in an auction.

We have just illustrated One version of the classic SSP set. They also had a sears set showing "Classy Crashers" as well as the Ford and Chevy Nomad set. Watch for future Toy Reviews showing these versions. These are not marx toys, but we are still quite fond of this classic set.