Current feature: NO: 3500 Parker Brothers Stop Thief: The Cops and Robbers Game, 1979!

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This game is a real beauty. Similar to vintage games like Clue or even Guess Who, This is a cool where is the bad guy game. The object is to track sounds, and read clues from an electronic game module. When the crook is caught he sometimes get's away. When this happen you here a tone like "na, na, na, na naaa na.." There are also sounds of breaking glass, sirens, and the crook running or walking. This is how you track him. Counting steps.

My kids liked this game despite big tickets like Game Boy and Playstation being in the house. It is a good clean family board game with a touch of electronics added. It is amazing what was high-tech in 1979. It is amazing to seewhere electronics has taken us since this game.

Re-live the fun of a 1979 issued electronic game! If you like or had Dark Tower, you probably had this. They were from the same era. I have this one myself.

If you want this game Let me know. I will add you to a list in case I come accross another. It is rather inexpensive. $30 on average (2002 Market price). Other mentions from this era? Darktower (worth a review someday) Touchdown Electronic football, and Mattel Baseball hand-held games.They were other popular hand held games from the 1970's.


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