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Marx Reissues! Post 1999 Items:

  • To order: First Email or call 585-227-9533 confirm I still have them in stock!! SEE FORSALE LIST! Prices include free shipping!!
  • Please Click the Shop More! link for Payment, VISA / Paypal, or Item availability. Some are no longer in Stock.
The Knoble Knights!
Reissue bk box
BK Custom

Picture(s) to the left, right and below show a glimpse of the reissue knights. For the full scoop and upfront and honest review, you have come to the right place. The Gold and Silver Knights were first, followed by the Blue and Black Knights. Horses and armor were also in production (More)

The Blue Knights are probably the best "new" color variation produced in the post 1999 production run. The color was derived from truch paint! Can you believe it?

The Mighty Vikings!
odin all

The Mighty Vikings seem to be in low demand. Compared to resale values of Johnny west and Knight Reissues, the Vikings are lower priced. The colors were done to reflect some of the Warriors of The World figures. The accessories are of good quality (More)

erik all
The Best of The West Series!

The Best of The West Series has been rather short lived. There are some issues on molds, and what could actually be produced. The General Custer fell short of expectations. (More)

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What is the current status?

Before you you email us, here is what we have heard. Reissues are halted. What you see here is where they are at. I have been told marx has decided to hold off on The Girl from UNCLE, Mike Hazard, Stony, and Geronimo. They are trying to reorganize with new owners in 2003. Time will tell if they feel it is cost effective to produce more Collectible 12" figures. The plans are "no" as of Jan, 2003. We will update you when and if the marx reps tell us otherwise.

NEW and HOT!!! The Black Knights are here! I also have a Custom UK Reissue BKversion! Prices and availability are in the shopping pages! The link will take you to a full review with pictures and price info! Both the stock reissue Black Knight and the VTR Exclusive custom are in! The Vintage Toy Room is proud to be involved with the designing of the Blue Knights!We are also equally proud of our color variations of the Vikings! They look great! (more)

The bottom Line on Reissues, Quality:

I honestly feel VINTAGE are superior, but the reissues are far worth their cost. Feel free to write your opinions in our forum. Our message board dedicated to collecting Marx toys! Production molds are also an issue. Time will tell what BOTW items get reproduced based on mold tooling available, and costs to repair or use the vintage molds. Email or call for any specifics not covered- VTR

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Marx Logo used with Permission for Reissues etc. Currently listed on the advisory board for Marx reissue action figures.